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The Importance of Window Treatments to Achieve Your Desired Room Design

Posted by Moria on April 20, 2016

Window coverings are sometimes afterthoughts, but that should never be the case. Window treatments are vital pieces of decor for achieving the desired design for any room in your home. For example, sheer panels coupled with draperies in soft,

Window Treatments for Cooling or Insulating Effects in Your Home

Posted by Moria on February 2, 2016

An exceptional feature of window treatments is that they can be used to enhance decor as well as save money, if you choose energy efficient window coverings from Alluring Window. Almost any window covering will help add an element of insulation

Window Treatments for Office Space

Posted by Moria on December 23, 2015

Office Window Shades Window shades for office settings are the practical choice for creating a productive atmosphere. They provide a crisp, business-like look that enhance any style of decor. However, they offer so much more. Office shades are

How to choose your draperies fabric ?

Posted by Moria on December 23, 2015

Draping Fabric Choices Velvet, linen, silk, satin, damask, rayon…with the endless selection of draperies fabrics available, it’s difficult to choose one fabric to adorn the windows of your home. Fortunately, there are some guidelines