How do I keep my cat from jumping on my drapes?

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Question by aaronchall: How do I keep my cat from jumping on my drapes?
He’s got a nasty habit of getting revved up in the morning and in the evening about the same time each day, and he eventually winds up tearing through the house and hanging from the drapes six feet up. We’ve tried squirting him with water. We’ve tried slapping his butt. We’ve even yelled at him. He knows he’s not supposed to, but he keeps on doing it.

Any suggestions?

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Answer by Michelle T
There are numerous things you can do.

1. After he climbs the drapes, give him a light, but firm tap on top of his head.

2. Rub another cat’s scent on the the drapes. That will definitely make him stop.

3. Spray some sort of perfume onto the drapes. This might not work. Make sure the perfume doesn’t annoy you!

Good luck!

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