Provenance Woven Shades

Natural materials lend a genuine and relaxed element to your decor. When your style requires a basic yet sophisticated element from your window treatments,  Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Shades will meet your needs. In addition to bringing a serene, natural look to your interior, these hand-woven Hunter Douglas shades, made from a variety of durable woods, grasses and reeds, are nature’s experts at filtering the light. Alluring Window brings you all five of the charming styles of Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Shades to allow you to put a unique, individual stamp on your home’s interior.

Maybe you like the natural look of woven shades, but want window treatments that are more energy efficient and offer complete control over sunlight. Hunter Douglasmakes it do-able with high-quality linings that effectively block out light as well as provide an insulation barrier between the window and your room. Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Shades have the classic look of Roman shades, but the ingenious and versatile top and bottom opening allows you to balance light control and privacy with one easy pull of a cord. Even the operating options are flexible, though, so you can opt for wand-control if you prefer to avoid cords for safety or aesthetic reasons.

Sliding doors or large windows can sometimes pose problems, but Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Shades are the ideal solution for any type of window. Alluring Window’s expert decorators can show you just how effectively Hunter Douglas shades will transform your home. We always provide free in-home consultations, scheduled for your convenience. We’ll even measure all the windows in your home while we’re there, also at no charge. Later, our professional crew will be back to install your window coverings for free, too. Call Alluring Window today to see why we’re NYC’s choice for extraordinary, quality window treatments.

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  • Brings a serene, natural look to your décor.
  • These Provenance Woven Hunter Douglas shades are made from a variety of durable woods, grasses and reeds.

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