Solar Shades

Solar Shades
Solar Shades
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Solar shades, also referred to as solar screens, are a variety of window treatment to cover your windows, maintain your level of privacy as well as control the amount of light entering into your home.

Solar shades are the best window treatment option when it comes to offeringpicturesque views. They also have many other advantages such as anti-glare properties, energy conservation, heat retention and ultraviolet rays obstruction.

At Alluring window, we offer you a wide range of solar shades across all top notch, renowned brands apart from our own signature line to help you find that perfect shades.

Hunter Douglas Solar Shades

But While browsing for window shades, you’ll come across a number of different brands and options which willonly leave you confused on what to go with. How do you know which ones are reputable, which provide long lasting service and which are of top quality?

Well look no further than Hunter Douglas brand of window treatments and covering. Hunter Douglas is widely accepted as the best in the business of window treatments and coverings. Quite famous all over the world, a significant number of customersask for their products by name with the chief reason being Hunter Douglas continues to be the frontrunner in window treatment market and innovation since the past 50 years covering an incredible 40% or more market share.

Most of their merchandise are trademarked with patented logos like Vignette®, Duette®, Silhouette®,  and Country Woods®. So if you want the best of the best, then you have to go with the Hunter Douglas range of solar shades to maximize your return on investment as well be safe in the knowledge that your curtains will last a lifetime providing you with assured quality and reliance.

Benefits of Solar shades

•   Anti-glare properties and heat loss or retention capabilities

•   Best for dimly lighted areas

•   Presents you with picture perfect views

•   Blocks the hazardous UV rays

•   minimizes the probability of your furnishings fading

Shelter from Ultraviolet rays

Solar shades have amazing fabric attributes that aid in substantially blocking the UV rays. Not only will this safeguard you from UV emission and it’s afflictions, continuing to keep you protected and healthy but additionally assist in lowering the diminishing of furniture, floor coverings and various other home furnishings as a result of sun exposure.


Solar shades are naturally designed to obstruct sun rays and can could be spotted in a variety of opaque designs with the variables varying from 3% to 14%.  The lower the figure, greater the opacity offering a fantastic level of privacy although higher openness is at times preferred by people who want a panoramic views.


Solar shades could be bought in a myriad of hues, styles and textile materials, enabling you to choose your preferred design like stripes and sequences including weaves that resemble organic materials.


Solar shades are great for controlling the privacy level although onedrawback is that  how much you view from indoors will be comparable to how much you can see from the exterior, causing it to be quite troublesome if you want both privacy and great outdoor views.

Usually for the best level of privacy, you should to go for smaller openness values (3-4%).

An assortment of models

Solar shades could be spotted in a abundance of different styles with lift alternatives such as wireless and mechanized shades getting the top billing. Remote controlled models are perfect for homes with children and pets because installing cords could be unsafe.

Wireless shades are additionally very clean with an orderly appearance whilst electric versions come with the best in convenience and versatility being distinctly practical for houses with high windows.

Energy Efficiency

Solar shades are manufactured using the very best of materials and thus would considerably decrease the heat assimilation by sopping up and mirroring back the heat waves before they could come into  the house.

Thus they grow to be really helpful for limiting the heat buildup, preserving energy and cutting down on yourelectricity bills.  More significantly, they’re just as beneficial in wintertime when they could preserve the heat inside thehome,blocking it from seeping outdoors.

Alluring Window’s range of solar shades

All our solar shades would first be put together depending on the proportions and specification of your house windows to ensure they match your residence well.

Our solar shades are the finest in their range and can be boughtin a wide range of tones, patterns and models with the top-of-the-line manufacturing techniques and state of the art materials used serving to extend the potency and condition for your window covering as well as flawlessly coordinating with your other home decor.

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