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Window shutters, often called Plantation shutters, are the epitome of custom made window treatments, giving long term benefits and a highly sophisticated look for your home. Alluring Window NYC carries Hunter Douglas top notch wood shutters or faux wood shutters in real wood  PVC  and composite wood.
Features : 

The “quintessential” window treatment

Eye-catching interior and exterior view

Choose high quality wood for a classic appearance

Choose vinyl for resilience in high traffic spaces

Organic choice

    Wireless, thus offering safety for children and pets

Bring in the vintage allure of wood shutters to your house and savor the unique splendor that wood shutters give to your home decor.

Options :

•    Offered in wooden-alloy composition, or long lasting vinyl
•    You can opt for 2 1/2″ or 3 1/2″ louvers based on the window’s dimensions and view requirements
•    Opt for simplistic or elaborate frame choices with 1, 2 or 4 panel layouts

So you want wood shutters, but how do you order them?

There Are a handful of things to keep in mind when buying plantation shutters, but fortunately for us they’re quite simple. Initially make up your mind on whether you would like to install the shutters on the wall surface or inside your window’s frame.  This’ll make the subsequent choices easier to comprehend.  Give us a call for assistance!. The factors below will let you fully grasp the disparity between installing your shutters inside and outside.

Inside or outside mounts ?

Inside mounted shutters are placed entirely within the window opening.  If your window is placed deeply and offers no impediment, for instance a crank handle, they could be flushed to the walls.  If your window is thin or you desire a more innovative style, the shutters would be fixed over the surface.


Smaller windows – For smaller windows, installing inside will restrict the degree of light which could pass while the louvers are opened up.  If you want to open and close using the slats rather than doing it with the shutter doors, an exterior mount is advised since it will allow more light to come in while opened up.

Windows with cranks – With inside mount shutters, cranks will most definitely interfere and thus outside mounts will be required.

Windows with trim – For those whose windows have a trim round the corners, and who want to preserve the trim; shutters could be made to go above the trim, letting it be as it is.  This’ll likely give the shutters a somewhat large & bolder look.

The frame width:

Wood shutters contain a frame round the exterior which usually will hold the shutters in position.  The frame could be 2 1/4″ or 3 1/4″ inches in size.  If you’re veering towards an inside mount, a more compact frame would be ideal since it will allow more light to seep through when the shutter slats are opened up.  If you’re want an outside mount or if there’s an abundance of light, go for aesthetical values.  Bigger frames work well with bigger sized trims and room details.

How does the inside mount work:

Hang Strips – Found in shutters that are mounted inside, hang strips give the shutters, structure to attach with.  Hang strips are pre drilled for straightforward installment.

Be aware: Hang strips need a window frame which is ‘square’, which means the edges, 90 degrees and surfaces ought to be level. In case your windows are not square, make use of the outside mount.

How does the Outside mount work :

L-Frame -

In outside mounts, L frames are attached to the walls and they go above the window, making it possible for out-of-square windows, interferences and trims to not be disturbed.

Energy Conservation:

If you’re the energy conscious homeowner, then take a look at our energy efficient wood shutters.

Alluring Window

Alluring Window NYC, is one of the few companies to offer free in home consultation as well as free installation, for your peace of mind and ease of convenience. Apart from that, Our customized service is well known, with our custom made window treatments being the highlight of our company.

We have a collection of window treatments from all the major brand lines as well as our very own signature line, to suit your every need and desire.

Alluring Window NYC is one of the most renowned and trusted window treatments companies, successfully forging new relationships with clients on a daily base. We offer A-Z services in all aspects of window treatments in order to help you with decorating your dream home.

Material Fabric
Pleat Size 3/8″, 3/4″, or 1 1/4″ single, double or triple
Sizes Available Width: 4″ to 174″
Height: 6″ to 192″
Material/Color Options 442 combinations
Privacy & Light Control (1 to 5 scale)
(1) Reduced glare, no privacy
(2) Softened light, moderate privacy
(3) Softened light, substantial privacy
(4) Diffused light, complete privacy
(5) Blocked light, complete privacy
Specialty Shapes & Design
Duette EasyView® Arches
Circles, Ovals, Hexagons, Octagons
Bay and Corner Windows
Sliding Glass Doors
French Doors
Duolite™ Privacy/Light Option
Simplicity Skylights
Cordless Operable Sidelights
Operating Systems Cordlock Operation
UltraGlide® Retractable Cord System
Clutch Operated Continuous Loop
LiteRise® Cordless System
Motorization Options PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology
Platinum™ App
Platinum™ Solar Energy Sensor
Platinum™ LCD Timer
Platinum™ RF Adapter
Hard-Wired (remote or wall switch)
Soil and Dust Resistant Yes
Uniform Exterior
Orientation/Window Shape Horizontal
Air Quality Certified
Insulation Yes
Solar Heat Control ** to ****
Daylighting * to *****
Ultraviolet Protection * to ****
Sound Absorption * to ****

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