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Energy Efficient Window Treatments for Beating the Heat

Windows are an important part of your building’s architecture. They make your exterior feel complete and your interiors larger. Windows allow you to illuminate your interior spaces with natural light as well. However, windows also compromise your house’s ability to insulate itself. Unlike your walls and roof, windows aren’t great at keeping energy from passing through them. Due to this, a lot of heat seeps into our rooms during summer. Today, we’re going to talk about how energy efficient window treatments are able to improve your window insulation.

The more windows you have, the more your insulation becomes compromised. As energy seeps in through your windows, your climate control systems have to make an extra effort to maintain interior temperature. This makes interior cooling inefficient during the summers and causes your energy bill to bloat up. Fortunately, energy efficient window treatments provide a pretty solid solution to this problem. Before you start shopping for window coverings that are designed to keep the heat out, let’s familiarize ourselves with the concept of energy efficient window treatments.

What are Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

Glass is a bad insulator, and since a majority of your window surface area consists of glass, your windows are bad at providing insulation. Energy efficient window treatments remedy this problem by literally covering your windows and block energy from going through them.

In order to be energy efficient, window treatments need to have great insulating capabilities. Window coverings that are specifically designed for keeping the heat out improve your window insulation in two ways:

  • They make use of special fabric that reflects heat (such as the kind used in heat reflective blinds for windows) and prevents it from passing through.
  • They cover your windows really precisely. Window coverings designed to keep the heat out sit flush with your windows. By doing so, they create an air pocket between your window pane and their fabric.

Energy efficient window treatments act as a barrier between your room and your windows. They keep the harsh summer temperatures outside and reduce the amount of stress being placed on your air conditioning.

Are All Window Treatments Energy Efficient?

A primary role of all window coverings is to keep the sun out. But this does not necessarily mean that all window coverings keep the heat out as well. In order to provide good insulation, your window treatments need to create an insulating barrier. Some window treatments, such as roman shades and cellular shades, offer good insulation by default. However, in order to be energy efficient, window treatments need to be designed carefully.

Energy efficient window treatments make use of special fabrics. For instance, heat reflective blinds for windows have their slats made from materials that reflect sunlight. They also need to cover your windows properly.

Types of Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy efficient window treatments have been growing in popularity throughout New York. This is because they can really help you lower your energy costs in the long-run and keep your interior comfortable during the summers.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are one of the best window coverings to keep the heat out. This is because solar shades are designed to filter UV light as it passes through them. Their mesh-like fabric is made using materials with superior UV blocking capabilities. As sunlight passes through solar shades, it gets diffused and stripped of harsh UV rays. Solar shades allow natural light to come through them but reduce its intensity. Solar shades are a great choice for people who want window coverings to keep the heat out without having to compromise on natural lighting.

Heat Reflective Blinds

Heat reflective blinds are an excellent option for people who want blinds for their windows but also want insulation. Generally, blinds are bad at insulating your windows as compared to shades. However, heat reflective blinds for windows are designed in a way that vastly improves their insulating capabilities.

Heat reflective blinds are ideal for standard-sized windows. They have lesser space in-between their slats since they are set closer to one another. This helps heat reflective blinds form a better barrier for your window insulation. Along with this, their slats are made from materials that reflect sunlight and UV rays. When closed shut, heat reflective blinds help keep the heat out and make a huge difference in your interior temperature.

Insulating Shades

Insulating shades offer a robust window insulation solution for people who want window coverings to keep the sun and heat out. By making use of thick fabrics, insulating shades prevent heat from passing through them. They are great for rooms where you need window coverings to keep the sun out. Insulating shades can be a great option for bedrooms, studies, and theatres.

The thick fabric of these window coverings keeps the sun out. By doing so, also prevents heat from passing through. Window coverings made from special thermal fabric can take this form of window insulation to an even greater level.

Final Thoughts:

Energy efficient window treatments are a great way of managing your interior climate while also bringing your energy costs down. Window coverings designed to keep the sun out make use of special fabrics and precise fitting in order to insulate your windows. Their materials block UV rays and prevent heat from passing through them. And by sitting flush against your windows, they create a thin air pocket that helps boost insulation.

You can find plenty of window coverings designed to keep the sun out. They’re a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to make their building more energy efficient. If you’re unsure about what type of window treatments you should get, feel free to contact us. We at Alluring Windows are window treatment experts. Our team can help you figure out what kind of window treatment solution will best suit your requirements.