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Motorized Shades for Skylight In A Nutshell

In the 21st century, everyone is racing towards a better standard of living in terms of housing, fashion, and gadgets. That is why, today, the world is moving at a breakneck speed. In terms of housing, architects are constantly stirring up new ideas to make innovative and livable spaces. Starting from your windows to skylights, designers are conjuring up creative ways to add a little pizzazz. Skylights have always been one of the most admired architectural elements in human history. However, they became popular in public during the mid-20th century. But as human nature goes, people demand change and creativity after a certain time. More so, although skylights enhanced the overall aesthetics of the room, they were challenging to control. With the rise of technology, designers started to move towards smart solutions towards such everyday problems. This gave rise to the concept of Motorized Shades for Skylight.

In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons why motorized shades or automatic shades are a smart choice for your skylight. Everyone knows skylights or a roof window is an easy way to add aesthetics and give way to natural light in a room. Of course, in theory, this looks like a surreal idea, but in practice, you have to deal with loads of problems that come with it. Firstly, they are not typically windows, so you can’t just draw the covers when the light gets in your eyes. Secondly, an overhead window brings in a lot of natural light, but it also carries tons of heat and UV rays. Traditionally, skylights come with a pull cord with their blinds that basically destroys the entire beauty of it. Dealing with these issues can trample your excitement for a skylight in no time.

Benefits of Motorized Skylight Shades

Automatic shades or smart shades are one of the leading tech accessories in interior design. Apart from luxury and comfort, they provide loads of functional benefits. They provide protection against UV rays, helps to save energy, and provide modern aesthetics. If you’re still uncertain why motorized shades are a good idea for your skylight, here is a list to change your mind:

Convenience and Comfort

Its no rocket science to point out that motorized skylight shades provide the ultimate form of convenience and comfort. Firstly, no one likes to get up from their bed or couch to uncomfortably tug at the pull cord to lower the blinds. With automatic shades, you can simply take out your remote control or mobile application and do so. Secondly, you are free from the hurdle-some task of opening and closing the blinds throughout the day. Motorized Shades give you the option to schedule your blind movement according to your needs.

Lastly, stretching your arm to reach the pull cord for your traditional skylight shade is a task no one would raise their hand for. Smart shades save you the trouble of this tricky operation and give you an easy solution.

Light Control

This is one of the most important benefits of motorized skylight shades. With ordinary shades, you don’t get the option to control the amount of light that enters your room. But with these motorized ones, you can adjust the timing and setting of light control to your exact liking. During the summers, we like to block the excess sun from entering our rooms to keep it cool. On the other hand, allowing the winter sun can keep our room warm and help cope with the intense winter cold.


For those who don’t know, motorized shades or automatic shades are more than just a luxury item for multi-national billionaires and CEO offices. A research study stated that the automatic shades system can lower the electricity cost of a building by almost 40%. This means that motorized shades reduce the load on your HVAC, thus, lower your energy consumption.

You can simply close your skylight shades during the intense summer heat to keep your room from warming up. Similarly, opening the shades can help warm up your room during the winter cold. In this way, you can manage the temperature of your room with the help of a simple push. Motorized shades also allow you to control the movement of your skylight blinds according to the astronomic clock. This means your shades will move along the sun to allow the perfect amount of light to enter your room.


No one wants a hanging pull cord or a sky poll in the middle of their room, ruining their room aesthetics. Unfortunately, traditional skylight shades have no other way of operating them. Motorized shades can solve this problem with no effort at all. Since they are mainly operated with a remote control or a mobile app, you don’t have to worry about the traditional hanging cord.

This also means you don’t have to think twice before going for a double-height lounge with a beautiful skylight. Motorized shades not only give you limitless benefits, but it also helps to achieve different design possibilities.

Protect Furniture and Household Items against Fading

In the 1970s, skylight became a common architectural element in every home and office across America. Some years down the line, people found that skylights would fade the color of their furniture and household items due to direct sunlight. This was a rather devastating side effect of a commonly loved interior item. That is why it became necessary to add shades to your skylights to protect your furniture.

Final Word: Do you need Motorized Skylight Shades?

Motorized shades or smart shades are now a trending addition in modern and contemporary interior design. On that note, motorized skylight shades are slowly becoming a necessity to improve the quality of life in today’s era. It’s not only an item of comfort and luxury but also provides numerous functional benefits. They help to control the amount of light that enters and manage room temperature. Besides that, it is truly a smart choice towards sustainability and helps to reduce energy consumption and HVAC load. Lastly, it comes with a sleek modern look that aims to protect your aesthetics and household items.