Lutron Motorized Curtains

Lutron’s ingenious track systems plus motorization technology gives you unprecedented control of your custom window coverings. With Lutron motorized drapes, you can minimize or maximize the sun’s natural light to suit your personal comfort and convenience.

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Product features
Design options
Operating options
Energy Efficiency
Fabric options

The track systems for Lutron motorized curtains offer numerous options for any size window or door. Choose a single track for narrower openings or have us splice them together to cover up to 30 feet. What’s more, you can opt for straight tracks, curved, or tracks with multiple bends to create the perfect look in any room. Plus, Alluring Window offers a choice of operating options and remote-control possibilities.

Two pleat styles are available for Lutron motorized drapes. Choose from a more formal pinch pleat, created by gathering the fabric in pinched sections at the top of the drapes, or select a ripplefold pleat for a more casual look that hangs from the track from Graber snap tape to create pleats with a more free-formed look. What’s more, the ripplefold option is available in 120%, 100%, and 80% fullness to customize your window coverings to fit your style. Additionally, you can specify right draw, left draw, center draw, or tandem opening styles, and different drive options are available to handle drapery of varying weights.

You can operate your Lutron motorized curtains from anywhere in the room with a remote control. Exclusively patented, the remotes are designed to work as handheld units or tabletop controls and can even be mounted on the wall. What’s more, Lutron motorized drapes can also be programmed to work with smarthome systems, so you can set them to open and close at specified times of the day and night and can also operate them using your smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere in the world.

Alluring Window carries a wide range of fabrics and materials for Lutron motorized curtains. Our selections include linens, cottons, polyester, wool, silk, faux silk, velvet, and more. Plus, we can leave your Lutron motorized drapes unlined or sew light filtering or blackout lining onto them for more light control and exterior temperature-blocking maximization, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.

At Alluring Window, we recommend professional cleaning methods for our custom Lutron motorized drapes. You can search online to locate businesses in your area that utilize preferred professional cleaning methods. Alternatively, you’re always welcome to contact one of our professional Customer Information Product Specialists at 212-518-2523 for more information.