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Mylar shades

Picture this: sunglasses for your windows. The image might be a bit odd, but the reality of Mylar Shades is actually very similar to the concept of tinted glasses. When Alluring Window learned of these innovative window treatments, we knew we had to make them available to our customers.

Mylar Shades are in a class of their own for keeping glare and heat under control, even during peak sunlight hours. They don’t just reduce glare, they eliminate it. Additionally, because these unique shades control heat, the temperature in your office or home will remain comfortable with less help from the air conditioner, saving you money in the bargain, too.

When the need is an ultra-reflective window covering NYC comes to Alluring Window for industrial, commercial and residential Mylar Sun Control Shades. They’re constructed by laminating up to three layers of transparent polyester that have been dyed. Before lamination, the thinnest layer of heat-reflective aluminum is placed between the polyester sheets to enhance the reflective properties. This proprietary process ensures that the Mylar Shades you get from Alluring Window will reflect almost all ultraviolet rays — up to 99 percent — decrease heat up to 74 percent and cut down on glare by up to 90 percent. Plus, Mylar Shades are see-through, so they can do all that without obstructing your view.

Alluring Window offers four different kinds of Mylar Shades, each one with different benefits. Some are better for controlling heat, some control glare more effectively, one kind specializes in reflecting ultraviolet rays and some are best for fade and heat control. If you need assistance choosing Mylar Sun Shades, call on Alluring Window’s professional decorators to help. They will be happy to make a consultation appointment at your convenience free of charge and will measure all your windows, too, for a perfect fit. Our skilled installers will even hang your Mylar Shades also at no cost. You’ll always find unique, quality window treatments and the best service at Alluring Window.

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  • Allows you to eliminate glare.
  • Helps you to control the heat- the temperature in your room will remain comfortable with less help from the air conditioner.

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