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Window Shutters

Window shutters bring a vintage look to any room.Simple and classic, you can’t beat them for appeal and functionality. When it comes to custom wood shutters, Manhattan clients are split on choosing natural wood or realistic vinyl, but you win no matter which you choose when you come to Alluring Window.

We carry all of the top name brands in custom window treatments such as Hunter Douglas, Levelor and Graber, and we also offer our exclusive signature line to give you even more options. Our window shutters can be customized to fit just about any window, even smaller windows and ones with trim or cranks.

Whether window shutters are your NYC window treatments of choice, or you use them along with a valance or drapery, you’ll love what they do for your interior. Window shutters are wireless and cordless by design, so they never pose a hazard when children and pets are part of your household. Mounting options, such as inside the window frame our outside, give your custom window shutters different looks and, as a result, will accent your decor in different ways.

If you’re already convinced that wood shutters are the custom window treatment for you but are unsure of where to begin, start with a free in-home consultation with one of our expert designers. We can help you decide between natural and faux wood, inside our outside mounts for your custom window shutters, and we’ll even do the measuring for you to guarantee a perfect fit and the look you want. Don’t worry about installing them, either. We’ll take care of that, too, with our skilled installation team at your service and free of charge. Choosing custom shutters in New York is easy when you come to Alluring Window for the selection and service we’re known for. Come see us to help you make a design statement with custom window shutters for your home.

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Product features
Design options
Operating options
Material options
  • Window shutters are simple, classic and brings a vintage look to any room.
  • You can choose between natural wood or realistic vinyl.
  • Dozen of colors to chose from
  • Variety of frame styles for inside or outside the frame mount.
  • Front or back tilt bar.

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  • Shutters are substantial and durable, but they’re more than an attractive way to cover your windows.
  • They offer complete privacy when needed, and the louvers can be manipulated for effective light control.
  • Louvers come in range of 2” 3” and 4”.
  • Hidden tilt bar located in the back of the shutter.
  • Extensive frame styles.

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  • Shutters are simple to operate manually by:
  • Maneuvering the tilt bars to open or close the louvers,
  • By Pass system- slides them along a smooth tracks.
  • Bi Fold system- fold them back or open them entirely like an accordion.
  • French door system – standard shutter door that is hinged to the side.

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  • Whether you opt for real wood or faux, you can choose from a variety of natural color vinyl alternatives to create beautifully rich window shutters.
  • You can chose from:
  • Real wood.
  • Faux or composed wood
  • Vinyl shutters for moist and wet areas.

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Caring for window shutters properly will keep them looking new. Alluring Window recommends regular dusting or vacuuming using a soft brush attachment and gentle vertical strokes.

Alternatively, you can blow the dust from your shutters using a can of compressed air or a hair dryer set to the non-heat setting.

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