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Room Darkening Blinds for Better Bedroom Light Control

Blinds are one of the most popular types of window treatments in 2021. This is thanks to their versatility in style and function. Also, blinds have been in fashion for a really long time, meaning that they’re a very safe interior design investment. The only problem with blinds is that their light-blocking ability is lacking. Compared to window shades, blinds have more gaps in them, and they generally let more light through them. However, this does not mean that blinds are terrible at light control. In this article, we’re going to familiarize you with room darkening blinds for your bedroom and other parts of your home where you want to block out light.

It’s true that blinds aren’t great at blocking light, but this doesn’t mean that blinds are a bad choice for people who want light control. Room darkening window coverings are designed to maximize light control and light blocking. Room darkening window coverings are an ideal choice for bedroom windows.

What are Room Darkening Blinds?

As their name suggests, room darkening blinds offer superior light-blocking ability. They’re also referred to as blackout blinds. Room darkening window coverings improve their light-blocking ability by:

  • Having a tighter construction than regular blinds. Their slats sit closely together to minimize gaps in between them.
  • They fit snugly onto your windows. This allows them to close any gaps on their sides from where light can leak through.
  • Their slats are made from thicker materials to ensure that light does not leak through them.
  • The best room darkening blinds have a panel of black fabric attached to their backside. This fabric does a great job at keeping light from going through your blinds.

Room darkening window coverings with a panel of fabric on their back are ideal for bedroom usage. When you’re looking for room darkening blinds for bedroom windows, you should look for options that block more than 95% of light coming through your windows. Window coverings with a light-blocking ability of less than 95% aren’t considered as room darkening window coverings. They fall in the category of light filtering window coverings instead.

Types of Room Darkening Blinds for Bedroom Windows

Now, there are many different types of room darkening blinds out there. You can find blinds that can block anywhere from 95% of the light that passes through them to 99% of light coming through your windows. Apart from their light-blocking levels, you also need to consider what kind of style you will go for. All of these choices can make it hard to figure out which window blinds to choose for your bedroom.

Remember, whenever you’re picking window coverings, you should always go for an option that gives you a combination of both style and functionality. Here are some of the best room darkening window coverings that you can pick for your bedroom.

Bedroom Blackout Blinds

Bedroom blackout blinds are designed to provide you with total darkness. These room darkening blinds are ideal for bedroom windows, thanks to their superior light-blocking ability. Bedroom blackout blinds have close-set slats that prevent light from leaking through them. These blinds also have a panel of black fabric on their backs for extra light blockage. This fabric, combined with their tight construction, helps form a light denying barricade in front of your windows.

Bedroom blackout blinds are the best room darkening window coverings for bedrooms, where a lot of light comes in through the windows. You can keep the harsh sunlight out and enjoy your sleep even when the sun’s shining. Bedroom blackout blinds can also be used in other parts of your house where you want superior light blocking. They perform well in studies and theatre rooms as well.

Custom Room Darkening Blinds

All of the best room darkening window coverings block light by sitting snugly on your windows. A precise fit minimizes gaps around and in-between your window coverings prevent excess light from leaking through them. A lot of people have to deal with light leakage because their window coverings don’t fit their windows well enough. You can avoid this problem by getting custom room darkening shades or blinds for your bedroom.

Custom room darkening blinds can help improve light control. This is because custom room darkening blinds are made to fit your windows. When you get custom room darkening shades and blinds, your window treatment company takes measurements of all your windows and makes coverings for them from scratch. Better light control is just one of the many benefits of custom room darkening shades and blinds.

Room Darkening Roman Shades (Bonus)

Even the best room darkening blinds for bedroom windows are not able to block 100% of natural light that comes through your windows. This is because blinds have more gaps in between them. If you’re looking for a foolproof solution for blocking light in your bedroom, room darkening roman shades are a great option. Room darkening roman shades completely cover your windows.

Room darkening roman shades are made from a solid piece of dense fabric that does not leave any gaps when lowered over your windows. Also, room darkening roman shades also extend a few inches beyond your window edges. This helps cover gaps on the sides of your windows and further minimize light leakage.

Final Thoughts:

Room darkening blinds are a must-have for bedroom windows. They are designed to provide better coverage and minimize the amount of light passing through them. There are many types of room darkening blinds in the market. The type of window covering that suits you best will depend on what kind of style you want and how much light control do you need.

After going through this article, you should have a good idea about what are the best types of blinds for the bedroom windows. If you still aren’t sure what to get for your windows, you can always get in touch with us. We at Alluring Windows can help you pick the best room darkening blinds and shades for your windows.