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Using Window Coverings to Block Sun Rays

Window coverings are quite common in New York since they look so great. But window coverings aren’t just supposed to look good. Their primary purpose is to cover windows. Moreover, they help increase your privacy and manage your interior temperature as well. If your room gets a lot of natural sunlight, you can use window coverings to block sun rays and manage your interior temperature. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at window coverings that are designed to partially or completely block sunlight from your interior.

Using window treatments to block sun rays is quite common for rooms that are supposed to be dark. Using thick curtains or drapes can help you minimize the amount of sunlight entering your bedroom or theater while also adding to your room’s interior aesthetic. You can also use window coverings to keep the sun out of other rooms around your house. While natural light can be great, it can end up having an adverse impact on your interior in larger amounts. Too much sunlight can upset your interior temperature, leading to your energy costs increasing. It can also damage your furniture and upholstery by exposing them to too much ultraviolet (UV) light.

Fortunately, there are window treatment solutions out there that are designed to keep the negative aspects of natural light under control. Let’s look at how to use window coverings to block sun rays from entering through your windows.

Sun Blocking Window Coverings:

Like we mentioned before, window coverings come in many designs. There are a ton of materials used to make them and dozens of different styling elements. Some window coverings are made using materials that help maximize their ability to keep sunlight out.

Sun Blocking Blinds:

Blinds are versatile window coverings that offer privacy and light control. Depending on their design, these blinds can be used to keep sunlight out of your interior space .Blinds with wider vanes can almost completely block out sunlight when they are closed. Some people like to add a panel of darker material behind their blinds in order to further increase their ability to block out natural light.

If you’re planning on sticking with blinds to keep the sunlight out, make sure that you pick the right sun blocking blinds design. In comparison to horizontal blinds with wider vanes, vertical blinds sun blocking ability is not that great. You can also consider checking out sheer shades. Sheer shades are basically window blinds encased in sheer fabric. They are great for superior light control and maintaining privacy.

Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains have amazing light blocking capabilities. They are made using thick panels of fabric and pretty much look like regular curtains from the front. However, on their back, there’s an additional panel of black fabric. This panel does a great job at completely absorbing sunlight and preventing it from passing through the curtains. This additional layer of fabric makes blackout curtains great UV blocking window coverings as well. Blackout curtains are ideal for use in bedrooms, theaters, and other rooms where you don’t want natural light all the time.

Cellular Shades:

Also known as honeycomb blinds, cellular shades offer great light control and insulation as well. They get their name from their honeycomb-like structure. Cellular shades have a design with overlapping fabric. This makes them pretty good at filtering sunlight as it passes through it.

Cellular shades are a good choice for people who want minimal natural light coming into their rooms. You can also opt for cellular shades if you are particularly looking for window coverings that are good at insulation since they offer great UV filtering. However, their unique design makes them hard to fit into most interior designs. They tend to look better in office environments.

Outdoor Shades:

Window coverings can also be installed outside of your windows. These kinds of shades are ideal for places where you get a lot of strong sunlight. They help minimize UV damage and keep harsh sunlight from heating up your windows as well. Outdoor shades are made from materials such as canvas, wood, or solar fabric.


Using window coverings to block sun rays can be a great way to manage interior temperatures, avoid UV damage, and have control over when you want natural light to illuminate your rooms. There are plenty of window covering options that do a great job at blocking sunlight. You can use blinds to keep sunlight out if you want light control as well. If you want to completely darken your rooms, you can go for blackout curtains instead.

If you want to manage the amount of sunlight entering your interior spaces, we can help you figure out how to block sunlight from your windows. We can also help you pick window coverings that meet your requirements and also suit your interior design. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the contact us button and schedule a free meeting with us to discuss your options, and let’s start your windows treatment!