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A Brief Guide on Outdoor Patio Shades

What is the point of a patio if you can’t even enjoy it? Summers can be quite enjoyable until the sun gets too hot, and a hot day can ruin your outdoor plans. Whether it was a tea party or a barbecue lunch outside, you can’t have fun with the sun raining down the heat on you. The same goes for the winters: too much cold and wind can ruin your plans. To avoid such scenarios, investing in outdoor patio shade makes sense. This can help act as a sun shade that blocks the heat and helps keep you and your furniture safe from the elements.

Outdoor patio shades are great for maintaining the privacy and helping insulate your home better. Depending on the material you opt for, outdoor sun shades can actually minimize your energy loss as well. In summers, they will help in blocking out the sun on top of cold wind in the winters. You can also control the amount of light that can enter your house, helping you to manage the temperature accordingly. All these reasons mean that it won’t be bad to invest in an outdoor patio shade after all. If you are thinking about getting outdoor patio shades, this guide is for you. We have explained all you need to know before getting one. So, without further ado, let’s start talking about the best sun shades for your patio area.

Types of Outdoor Patio Shades

Roller Shades

The most common type of shades, roller shades, are extremely functional. They come mostly in neutral colors, but you can always customize them according to your preference. The material used for them includes plastic, bamboo and solar screen fabric. Outdoor roll up shades are good for blocking UV light and will protect your patio furniture from sun damage. If you already have a covered patio or deck, roller shades are a good option.

Outdoor Curtains

If you want to give your patio a more decorative look, this option is best for you. Although outdoor curtains are pretty much the same as any curtain, they are made of materials that can withstand the harmful elements. They do offer light filtering and may as well partly block UV. Outdoor curtains are most suitable if you want to give your patio a cozier look while also fulfilling the purpose, which is blocking light.

Sunshade sails

Made from solar fabric, sail shades for the patio are best for filtering UV light. They mostly come in a square or triangle shape. If your patio is not already covered, using sunshade sails to cover them will be a great idea. They will give you protection against the sun and also block harmful UV rays. Sunshade sails are mostly used for providing shade. Meaning, they provide good coverage from your home. While most sail shades for patio areas come in neutral colors, you can always get them custom-made for color-full options. Custom outdoor shades are pricier, but give you more options.


Awning is another great option if your patio is not already covered. Awnings are either made of fabric or rigid material. The best thing about awnings is that they are available in a variety of colors. Moreover, you can always get them custom-made for personalized color options. Awnings can be manual as well as motorized. Getting motorized awnings gives you a slight edge in terms of control with a remote or electronic switch.


All in all, outdoor patio shades are a great option to keep the light out. Most of them also offer UV and sunlight blocking. Typically, the material and the type you opt for depending on your personal needs. However, most outdoor patio shades do what they are supposed to do, that is, filter light and provide UV blocking. If you mainly want UV blocking and sun control, then outdoor solar shades are the best sun shades for your patio area. If you are not happy with the color options available, as they are mostly available in neutrals, you can get custom outdoor shades. Custom outdoor shades can be a way to get different color options.

Motorized outdoor shades are another cool option as they are operated either by a remote control or sensor. Hence, you are not limited to options when it comes to deciding on an outdoor shade for your patio. If your patio is already covered, then roller shades and outdoor curtains are a great way to give your patio a soft look. If, however, your patio is not covered, sail shades can be great to provide better coverage for your home. We at Alluring Windows can help you find the best outdoor patio shades. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and schedule a free appointment for expert opinion and let’s start rolling!