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Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades – Comparison

With the advent of modern technology, we are, eventually, heading towards a smart-generation. With smartphones in our pockets and smartwatches on our sleeves, everyone wants to move towards a smart-home. In this respect, Smart Electric Shades or Motorized Window Shades have been the next best thing in modern interior design. But let’s also get one thing straight: Smart Shades are Luxury Products. Basically, when you think of Smart Shades, the first thing that comes to your mind is Bill Gates, Multi-Millionaires, and High-profile CEOs. On the other hand, the average person needs to put in a lot of thought before deciding to buy them. Today, Somfy and Lutron are the two leading contenders of Motorized Shades in the market. Most of the time, it’s a “Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades” battle.

If you deciding to opt towards smart Motorized shades, this is probably the first question you’ll ask yourself: Which one is better, “Somfy vs Lutron”? For this reason, you need to take loads of things into considerations. Firstly, you need to see the aesthetics, then the cost, and lastly, the function. To make it easier, we have done this job for you. This article provides a detailed comparison of “Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades” to help you make your decision. So, let’s move forward and answer your question “Lutron vs Somfy, which is better?”

Function & Control: Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades

The main reason why Smart Motorized Shades exist in the market is because of their function. It allows you to control the amount of light entering the room without leaving your cozy sofa seat. You can easily control them through your mobile app, remote control, or even, voice command. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Now let’s head over to see which one from the Lutron and Somfy Motorized Shades takes a lead in this one.

Somfy Motorized Shades come with a rather fine remote control. It contains three buttons for “Open”, “Close”, and “Personalize my Setting”. The Lutron’s Remote is relatively smaller as compared to Somfy’s. If you have kids or you’re generally a clumsy person, the small size of the remote means you are tend to lose it a lot. However, Lutron’s remote features a one-touch open and close button, which makes it pretty easy to use. It also has an up and down button that you can use to find the perfect setting.

Other than this, both the products allow app control but rely on an additional hub for it. Lutron shades also feature voice command through Siri by installing a HomeKit. With an extra setup, these can also be used with Amazon Echo (with Somfy, you need a little extra cost as well).

In terms of function and control, Lutron Motorized Shades take an obvious lead over Somfy due to its exceptional out-of-box control features. Somfy Shades offer almost similar kind of control options, but with extra hubs and, evidently, extra cost (ouch).


Price Comparison: Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades

Now comes the most important question: The price comparison of Lutron vs Somfy. Technically speaking, Somfy manufactures control systems and motors only, while the actual window shades are designed by other companies. So, in terms of buying, you’ll need to order window shades from a local retailer and install Somfy motors afterward for almost $270 each. This means the most affordable Somfy electric shades will probably cost you a little over $300.

Now, let’s talk about Lutron Motorized Shades. The company designs its own motors along with different shade styles, with price starting at almost $350. You’ll also need to give an $80 fee for installing an all-round control hub. If we see it just for the price, it is obvious Somfy is the more affordable option. But for about $300, you’ll only be getting remote-controlled Somfy electric shades. What if you want voice command and app control? Well, you’ll need to take out a little more dough, my friend. For their “premium” features, you’ll need to pay $100 extra for a Somfy MyLink Bridge and $70 Wink smart hub. You can try out the Somfy Motorized Window Shades for a small scale home decor. However, if you are working from scratch, then Lutron Shades are a better option.

This is exactly why Somfy Motorized Solar Shades are sort of like plug-and-play additions to your window shades. On the other hand, Lutron Motorized Shades have a complex arrangement, so you’ll probably require a technician to install them.

Oh, I almost forgot, you’ll also need to buy some batteries for your newly installed Electric Windows Shades; D for Somfy and AA for Lutron. That might not seem like such a big deal, but you’ll have to buy nearly $200 worth AA batteries for 12 Lutron Shades.

Lutron and Somfy Comparison

Aesthetics and Noise: Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades

The concept of Motorized/Automatic Window shades may appear pretty cool in theory, but in practice, looks matter. Would you want a robotic Electric Window Shades in your Art Deco themed dining room? Obviously not. That is why we need to keep the aesthetics into mind before making our selection as well. If we talk about motorized window shades in general, they are ideal if you’re going for a contemporary and modern look in your room. They would look super aesthetic for a high-fi office space or a modern smart-home. In terms of aesthetics, both, Somfy and Lutron Motorized Shades provide a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. You can choose any color or style to match your overall look of the house.

Lastly, in terms of noise, the Lutron Motorized Roller Shade series is EXTREMELY quiet. In fact, they are so quiet that special equipment was required to film the sound effect during their advertisement campaign. On the other hand, Somfy Shades emit a little air-borne vibration sound while closing or opening. Although it’s not that much, it’s still enough to wake someone up from a mild nap.

Aesthetics & Noise Lutron vs. Somfy Motorized Shades


The final decision is yours, my friend. We have presented a detailed review highlighting a complete comparison of Lutron motorized shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades. While Somfy shades provide an affordable package, it comes with limited features, such as lack of voice command and application control. You also need to purchase your windows shades and Somfy motors separately and install them later. On the other hand, Lutron motorized shades are giving you more out-of-the-box options and better control with application and voice command. Although expensive, Lutron shades take an obvious lead in terms of features and control. In terms of aesthetics, both of these provide a diverse range of colors and styles to suit your requirements for a modern smart-home look.

Lutron Motorized Shade vs Somfy Motorized Shades - Comparison Infographics