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Motorized Shades vs Manual Shades – A Detailed Comparison

I am sure you have always marveled at the theatrics of automatic window shades opening and closing at the mere click of a button. But ever wondered if there is more to it than the wow factor? So, whether you are revamping your place or just trying to keep up with the latest technologies of smart home solutions, you may like to take into account the advantages of motorized shades vs. manual shades. So, without further ado, lets head to it.

Comparison between Motorized and Manual Window Shades

We have divided the battle of motorized shades vs manual shades into different categories. Let’s find out who’s the winner, shall we?


Raising and lowering the shades or opening and closing the curtains is easy enough as it is. But doing this same thing for multiple windows can be quite a burdensome hassle. In this case, you won’t be a fan of this tedious task and you’d like a simpler solution that might save your energy and time. That’s where automatic shades come to the rescue. For multiple windows, they offer synchronization treatment where you can raise or lower the shade of all windows with a single click.

Individuals with a keen sense of interior design often end up with designer windows that are hard to reach; almost inaccessible. This can happen mostly in skylights or double-height windows. In such cases, people usually let them be and compromise on the amount of light and privacy. At other times, they go through the troubling experience of using stools and ladders to adjust their shades manually. In such cases, it is better to ditch manual shades and switch over to automatic shades. In this way, you won’t be dependent on your stools and ladders to open or close the window shades, it is easily a click away.

Positioning and Adjustment:

With manual shades, you have to pull and tug the window coverings multiple times before getting the perfect adjustment. In fact, even then, it’s not exactly how you’d want it. Often in the afternoon, we like to slightly lower the window shades just enough to stop the harsh sun glare but retain the natural light. At the same time, we like to completely raise the shades at sunset or sunrise to enjoy the beautiful view.

But if we consider the time difference between these two time frames, it’s obvious that it’s not that much. Let’s be honest, no one gets up time and time again to adjust the window shades to their liking. Well, in this case, you can tell yourself that one cannot do everything they want. You can solve this little dilemma through automatic shades. You can use the schedule timer option for positioning differently at different times of the day without even getting up for the remote.

Better UV Protection:

The damaging sun rays can harm the furniture, artwork, rugs, and carpets inside the house through a bleaching effect. This can cause the color of things to slowly fade away after a certain period of time. You can avoid this little conundrum by simply employing motorized shades. You can set these on a timer such that they are at their lowest during the brightest segment of the day.

Baby/ Child Proofing:

You would be amazed at how effortlessly kids get themselves into trouble. Well, if you have kids you would know that already. Automatic shades come without a pull chord, unlike manual shades, making it an excellent option for homes with young children.


When you are out of the city, an efficient way to keep your home safe from outside intrusion is to make it look as though someone is at home. Motorized shades can be raised or lowered from anywhere giving a lived-in appearance and hence keeping off the intruders.


Automatic shades can be synchronized to be started and stopped in unison. This creates perfect alignment contributing to aesthetic appeal. However, if we look at manual shades in their comparison, it’s going to take a lot of tugs and pulls to adjust the window coverings to the perfect alignment.

Multiple Options:

Automatic shades can be controlled in any way you want them. You can do this through remote control, from a touch screen on the wall, or through an app on your phone. You can even use a voice command or through sensors which is by far the most convenient option.


People think that automatic shades have a more modern outlook which could be a problem if you have a traditional theme decor. However, it’s time to finally bust this misconception. In fact, motorized shades can be customized in any style, material, or color you want. If you have a traditional setup decor, you can try motorized roman shades and draperies with the fabric of your choice.

Go Green:

In today’s world, people have become so much more aware and conscious about energy consumption and the environment. Conclusively, they look for greener solutions that will reduce the amount of energy they consume. Motorized shades are an excellent way to achieve a greener tomorrow. I will tell you how. In the summer, the sensor can detect strong sun rays and block them by automatically lowering the shades and hence prevent the room from overheating. Similarly, in winter the raised shades capture more solar heat and keep your house naturally warm. Both these situations result in reduced energy load on your HVAC system and hence, reducing the carbon footprint.


As compared to their traditional counterpart, motorized shades cost more at the initial stage. This is because it involves installing a motor for each set. But in the long term, you will get more out of it from all the money you can save through the use of sensors which highly reduce the energy cost by self-adjusting the temperature. So, if you can look beyond the initial expenditure and focus on the long term benefits, you will realize it is worth every penny you spend.


Here you go, guys; a complete review of motorized shades vs manual shades. By this time, you must have made your call. Well, kudos to you for making a well-informed decision and not jumping straight to anything. Now after weighing the installation cost with all the benefits motorized shades have to offer, you must have decided to ditch your old manual shades for these new automatic shades. However, do keep this in mind that motorized shades require a professional for proper installation. It is not something you can do on your own but you will surely get to make some fun choices down the road that you can look forward to. So, if you are based in New York city and looking forward to install motorized shades, you can contact us for more details or a detailed quote for your project.