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A Good Night’s Sleep with Alluring Window’s Room Darkening Shades

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful room, elegant décor, comfortable surrounding and having it all get ruined by too much light traversing in, causing havoc. This is all the more troublesome if it occurs in your bedroom, theatre room or nursery where the light could disturb the natural ambience of the environment. This could in turn affect your sleep and in general cause numerous problems (http://psychology.about.com/od/statesofconsciousness/p/sleep_disorders.htm). Windows are a fantastic way to bring in natural light into your house. But, there’re instances when you might not require or desire light in a certain room. The trouble is that numerous window treatments have gaps which allow light to beam through. This is not ideal if you’re a gentle sleeper who needs dark surroundings to sleep peacefully in. So to counter this problem, you need a special kind of window treatment which hinders exterior light from seeping into the room. This is where room darkening shades become the perfect solution helping you to take care of the situation.

Shop at Alluring Window NYC and choose from our wide range of style and designs comprising of not only the best of the major brands from around the world such Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, and more. but also our very own signature brand that we assure you would be perfect for any interior décor you may currently have.

Window treatments for sleeping disorders

Window treatment such as shades and blinds have been found to be very effective in treating sleeping disorder  it has been advised by doctor that people suffering from sleeping disorders ought to reduce the amount of light coming into the room so that not only amount of sleep but also the quality of sleep does not get affected by the environmental factors of the room. Blackout shades NYC from Alluring Window are great in alleviating the problems associated with sleeping disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea and others.

Curtains and drapes

Curtains are common widow treatment preferred by many people with them normally being crafted out of light fabrics which are available in different lengths. You could mount them to a rod making use of tabs, grommets or rings with the most common fabric materials being linen, cotton or sheer.  Even though they’re quite good at protecting against dust and hindering light, they are not very efficient in blocking out light completely as a result of their sheer nature.

Drapes are commonly crafted of heavyweight fabric materials which reach on to the floor. They are affixed to the rod with hooks so as to traverse easily. Costly, sophisticated materials like silk and velvet are usually used with pleated forms being most common. Drapes are perfect for blocking out light as well as dust with their thicker fabric giving a much higher amount of light filtration than curtains, and in turn a better level of privacy.  Drapes are considered to be old fashioned these days and are thus better suited for rooms that are large with sophisticated appearance.

Although both drapes and curtains could be effective for this role of room darkening, shades are the best option for a very efficient or a total blackout solution.


Window shades are the best options when it comes to room darkening window treatments. There are many different types of shades that can be chosen based on your specific requirements as well as the room design and decor.

You could attain total darkness with these blackout shades NYC making use of different fabrics such as velvet, vinyl, polyester, fiberglass, etc.

For best blackout features, materials such as cotton, blackout lining, polyester, etc are the most appropriate. You could in addition get denser linings or multiple layers which would help in controlling the decibel level by reducing noise.

Shades could be operated in numerous ways with use of cords or strings apart from manual push and pull methods with use of rods. In addition to all that, motorized options also exist as well as wireless systems which are highly beneficial for households with pets, kids, etc where dangling cables are not ideal.

Different types of shades

There are many different types of shades which can be effective as room darkening window treatment with the three main options being roller shades, roman shades and cell shades being the most efficient.

Roller shades

Roller shades are extremely popular having been around for decades.  They can be found in an assortment of fabric materials and styles. Their blackout features are largely dependent on the fabric material used with the best room darkening shades crafted of heavy fabrics or vinyl. This helps in regulating the degree of light coming into a room greatly.



Roller shades are usually affordable with their ability to be made of different materials such as vinyl and velvet making them perfect for the budget conscious.

Easy Installation

Roller shades can be installed very easily since all that is needed is simple installment of brackets at the window casing onto which shades are affixed.

Simple operation

Operating roller shade is quite simple with only a straightforward pull and push operation being the main requisite for controlling the shade.

Easy to Clean

Roller shades are very easy to clean with blackout shades in particular being quite trouble-free due them being made of heavy materials meaning they only need to be wiped down with a wet cloth.


  • They have a simple, minimalistic look.
  • They are quite noisy to operate
  • They do not completely block out the light offering only partial light filtration.

Although roller shades can be great for blocking out light, they need to be properly measured and fitted to obtain effective blackout. It is highly recommended that roller shades be combined with another form of window treatment to obtain the best in terms of style as well as room darkening.

Roman Shades

While roller shade rolls up in a spring mechanism, roman shades operate upon pull string where the material rises up. Thus roman shades turn out to be great both in terms of blackout properties as well as giving elegance to the room decor.

Roman shades tend to verve on the expensive side due to the superior design and material quality used. Again like with other shades, the light filtering ability of the shade depends on the fabric used. The main advantage of roman shade is despite the elegant material usually incorporated, almost all of the light can be blocked by them.



Roman shades can be created using a variety of fabrics and materials as well as designed as per room decor easily.


Roman shades are very easy to operate with the string control system being perfect with it’s raise and lower functionality making it great for regulating the amount of light entering into the room.

Cell shades

Cell shades are similar to roman shades in their operation where they are controlled by a cord with the chief difference being they compress rather than rising up and gathering. Cell shades offer numerous advantages when compared to roller and roman shades which is why they are the most preferred option for blackout features.


Their main benefit is that they’re very affordable apart from being able to be installed quite easily without any hardware requirements.

Wireless mechanism

They also can be used in a very easy cordless mechanism thanks to their peel and stick applicator making them ideal for homes with kids and pets.

Versatile installment

Cell shades could also be easily fitted into any room style thanks to their ability to be trimmed and fixed based on the window style.

Higher level of noise control

They are perfect for bedrooms and nursery rooms where apart from total blackout, noise control is also highly desirable.

Alluring Window’s treatment

Our range of window shade options are the best in terms of both elegance and features with all our window treatment being made of the finest fabrics as well as being crafted in the finest of conditions. This makes them not only great in the features and style department but also makes them long lasting and sturdy.

Alluring Window NYC also offers a wide range of designs and styles including the highly popular Blackout shades NYC which makes it very easy for you to choose the most appropriate and suitable window treatment that would seamlessly fit into your interior decor and enhance the room’s ambience. Our window treatment would also be created only after properly taking the precise measurements of your windows or glass doors, which goes a long way in removing any problems that could arise from ill fitted shades or such.