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Guide to Commercial Window Treatments

Commercial buildings can look great with window treatments. The purpose is to allow more lightning and exterior to the building. Glass windows can beautify your buildings. However, they have a downside: that is too much lighting and heating in daylight. This can be a cause of great discomfort. Too much lightning and heating can make the environment less ideal. This can make your commercial building less practical. This is where commercial window treatments can help. If you want to improve the practicality of your commercial building without sacrificing style, this guide is for you.

Commercial Window Treatments

Modern commercial window treatments make your building practical and appealing. Above all, these treatments will ensure your building is protected from the sunlight that can be harsh in the daylight. Commercial window treatments will beautify the interior of your building. They reduce the intensity of light and heat in a room as well. Let’s take a look at these various commercial window treatments.

You can easily treat your commercial windows for light control, privacy, and energy savings. While being extremely practical, window treatments will also add décor to the interior. Commercial window treatments will enhance practicality and aesthetics. That is why they are considered a popular interior choice when it comes to renovations and remodeling.

Commercial Roller Shades

Roller shades are a modern solution for your commercial window treatment as they are very practical and affordable. Also, they are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. You can easily customize one that will perfectly fit into your existing décor. One important thing to consider when picking commercial window treatment is the dimension of your roller shades. A bad fit can result in light leaking from the sides of your windows. Where a little bit of light doesn’t hurt, it can be a problem in workspaces. Harsh light can interfere with your work and can be annoying sometimes. Consider extending the roller shade outside of your window frame. This will resolve the light issue and your roller shades look amazing on your commercial windows.

Why are Roller Shades Ideal for Commercial Spaces?

Roller shades are extremely easy to maintain and can be ideal for any commercial space. Restaurants, healthcare, office spaces, and other commercial windows can be treated with roller shades. They are extremely versatile and don’t require much customization. Overall, roller shades, in general, are ideal for light control and privacy. They are available in a variety of materials. For instance, you can choose a material that will provide UV light filtering, moisture and humidity control. You can look for other material options too in a roller shade. Because modern roller shades are so versatile, they can be easily used for your commercial spaces and window treatments.

Commercial Blinds

Commercial blinds are great for dressing your commercial windows. They are ideal for restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and office spaces. Window treatments shouldn’t be overlooked when designing your interior spaces.  This is because they offer an easy way to improve the look and feel of your interior. Below, you will find useful information for each option.

Commercial Blinds for Office

Office window blinds can alter your commercial space immediately. You can change the décor of a commercial office with blinds. There are a variety of options available for window blinds, including vertical, Venetian, roller, and others. Each has its own functionality and will add to the interior of your office. You can choose vertical blinds for most windows and Venetian for meeting rooms. Both are effective in providing light control and privacy. Blinds are an ideal option for a commercial office.

Commercial vertical blinds

Commercial vertical blinds are great for modern commercial window treatments. They are a popular choice for most commercial spaces. Some may feel they are bland and boring. But they come in various color options and designs that can instantly provide color and elegance to your commercial building.

Commercial vertical blinds are one of the best low maintenance options. Also, they are great at keeping dust at bay as well. This means you have to worry less about dust coming in through your windows. You can choose commercial vertical blinds for your restaurant windows, healthcare facility, office spaces, and schools.

Modern commercial window treatments

There has been an increased interest in modern commercial window treatments. We have highlighted a few for you.

Motorized shades

You can always go for a motorized window solution for a modern commercial window treatment. Motorized shades and blinds save you manual energy when it comes to controlling heat and light in the room. You can choose to lower your shades without having to get up every time. They can be a great fit for your interior as they are easily customizable as well. This makes them great modern commercial window treatments.

Faux wood or aluminum blinds

You will be surprised to know how many materials options you have when it comes to shades and blinds. Another great solution for modern commercial window treatments is faux wood or aluminum blinds. Wood and other hard material treatments have gained popularity as they can make your commercial window look modern. They are perfect for the outdoors as they can cover large areas. You can choose to dress your windows or doors with faux wood. Faux wood blinds can make your commercial space look modern while also providing privacy control.


We have also listed draperies as a modern commercial window treatment as well. They are available in the blackout, sheers, cornices, and various other styles. Draperies can be customized to any color or fabric you want. You can match it to the interior of your commercial building with minimal effort. Draperies are great for enhancing comfort, privacy, and sound control. They can also be motorized, making them an ideal modern commercial window treatment.

Final Thoughts:

You can choose from a wide variety of commercial window treatments. They look good and work great. If you are looking for window coverings for your commercial building, such as a school, restaurant, office space, hotel, or healthcare facilities, we’ve got you covered. We at Alluring Windows provide a variety of commercial window treatments. We can make your commercial space look appealing and functional.