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Kids Bedroom Window Covering Tips You Might Need

Raising children is a hard and tedious process. As a parent, you must know just how important it is that your kid’s living space is free from all hazards. The most important place you have to keep child friendly is your kids’ bedroom since they will be spending time there unsupervised. Also, window coverings often have components that can be a threat to unattended children. This is why you must be careful with the choice of window coverings you make for your kid’s bedroom. In this article, we are going to share some useful window covering tops for your kids bedroom to make it hazard-free. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Useful Kids Bedroom Window Covering Tips to Consider

Picking the right window coverings for your kid’s bedroom can be a challenge. Don’t worry; we are here to help. In this article, we are going to share some key points, questions, and tips that you should consider before selecting the window coverings for your kids bedroom. These tips will surely make it easier for you to choose the right window coverings for your kids bedroom. Let’s begin!

1. Consider How Safe Your Kids Bedroom Window Coverings Are

Naturally, safety is a primary aspect you need to consider while designing your kid’s bedroom. The safest kid window treatment option would be cordless blinds. Cordless blinds are perfect for children who are newly learning to stand up and walk because these children will grab on to numerous objects to help them walk. If you install cordless blinds, the chances of the kids grabbing the cord and pulling the whole blind down on them are close to none.

Window treatment cords can cut or even strangle children. Some blind cords come with beads which can come off and become choking hazards. Cordless blinds will prevent these situations, and you will be able to leave your child in their bedroom with peace of mind. Other than this, if your kid has any sort of pollen allergy, you can get double-coated blinds. These blinds keep out a significant amount of pollen, allowing your kid to comfortably exist in their bedroom.

2. Consider Your Kid’s Age

Your kid’s bedroom must not be gloomy and boring. Younger kids need a stimulating environment in order to develop their minds as they grow. A great kids bedroom window treatment idea is to go for colorful blinds. You should look for bright colors and interesting patterns. You can match the entire room with one theme and get colorful window coverings that complement it.

If your kid is old enough to develop their own interests, like cars, unicorns, or animals, getting colorful blinds with prints related to that interest is one of the best kids bedroom window covering the tips. Roman blinds for children’s bedrooms can be printed with any pattern you want. They are a good option to consider.

3. Consider The Texture of the Kids Bedrooms Window Treatments

Usually, kids do not take a liking to rough and complex textures. You might have these textures in your child’s living room blinds. However, the fact is, your child will not take much interest in them. On the contrary, flowy and soft textures are very attractive to kids. Drapery is a great option if you are going for soft and flowy textures. You can keep colorful drapery blinds as an option for bedroom window treatments for your kid.

4. Consider The Amount Of Light Control of The Kids Bedroom Window Covering

Kids need a healthy amount of uninterrupted sleep. This includes naps during the daytime. While looking for bedroom window treatment for your kids, you should make sure that the window coverings you choose are good at blocking light effectively. This will ensure that your child can sleep in a dark room any time of the day.

Getting automated blinds is surely one of the best kid’s bedroom window covering tips. Not only will automated blinds completely block out all light, but they can be controlled remotely. Furthermore, some automated blinds are operated through remote controls. As a result, they will allow you to close the curtain without entering the room and potentially disturbing a sleeping kid. Automated blinds are a really popular kid bedroom window treatment option.

Other than automated blinds, heavy draperies and blackout blinds also keep out light effectively. Also, Louvre blinds will partially block out light, allowing your kid to play in a room with controlled light. This will make it easier for their eyes to focus on playing rather than being disturbed by extremely bright light. Getting a combination of partially light-blocking blinds and completely light-blocking blinds is a great kid’s bedroom window covering tip.

5. Consider the Convenience of The Bedroom Window Coverings

Kids can be messy, whether it’s puke, dirty hands, or food particles, every bit of wall and furniture is under threat of getting incredibly dirty in a kid’s bedroom. To make it easier for you, you should get bedroom window treatments that are easy to clean. Some blinds have grooves that collect dust and are hard to clean. You should avoid these types of blinds for your kid’s bedroom. On the other hand, roman shades might be a good option for a children’s bedroom window treatment as they are made out of a soft fabric that can be taken off and cleaned.

Generally, window treatments that are made from materials like PVC are easy to clean. SO, investing in low-maintenance window treatment options is recommended for kid bedroom windows. No matter how much of a mess your kid makes in their bedroom, you know you won’t have to worry about replacing window treatments if you have easy cleaning blinds.

Which Types of Bedroom Window Treatment do we Recommend for Kids?

In our opinion, Cordless or automated roman blinds are a great option as a kid’s window treatment. This is because roman shades have the most diverse patterns and colors and look great even when closed in the daytime. They partially allow light to enter the room, giving it a soft glow and making the patterns on the shade shine in the light. Roman blinds are best for children’s bedrooms because they will create a lively and fun atmosphere. You can even pair colorful draperies with roman blinds to ensure more light control.

Final Thoughts:

Well, that’s it for today. We hope these kids bedroom window covering tips help you make a well-informed decision and ultimately make your kids’ environment hazard-free as well as nourishing. There are many things to consider while choosing the perfect bedroom window treatments, and we have gone over a few of them, which we think are of primary importance. In case you are still unsure about your options, you can contact our experts, who will be more than happy to guide you further.