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Make Your Backyard More Usable with Backyard Privacy Shades

The backyard is one of the most underutilized spaces in a majority of houses. It has so much potential, but most people don’t invest a lot of time and money into setting up their backyards. This is mostly due to the fact that maintaining privacy in your backyard can be difficult. You could set up an amazing outdoor sitting area. However, you won’t be able to fully relax knowing that your neighbors can see you. Today, we’re going to take a look at how backyard privacy shades can be used to make your property more private.

Backyard privacy shades provide us with a simple, elegant, and highly effective way of increasing our backyard privacy. A great thing about backyard privacy shades is the fact that they come in many shapes and sizes. You can use them to enhance your privacy while also uplifting the look and feel of your backyard area.

What are Backyard Privacy Shades?

“Backyard privacy shades” is a general term used to describe outdoor window treatments that can be installed on patios, pergolas, and other kinds of outdoor seating areas. Anyone who’s familiar with window treatments will know that they’re praised for their ability to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your windows. Backyard privacy shades do the same thing, but for your outdoor sitting area. Following are some of the most prominent uses of backyard shades:

  • Increase privacy.
  • Control the amount of natural light flowing into your sitting space
  • Provide you with shade from the sun’s heat.

Backyard privacy shades come in many forms, from simple curtains that keep you safe from prying eyes to tasteful backyard sails that can significantly enhance the look and feel of your sitting area.

Types of Backyard Privacy Shades

Like we mentioned above, these shades come in many shapes and sizes. The kind that suits you best is determined by a number of factors. Backyard shade solutions can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Let’s take a look at some popular backyard shade solutions.

1-     Backyard Sails

Backyard sails are easily some of the simplest and elegant backyard shade solutions out there. Most backyard sails are made from triangular pieces of fabric that are tied into place with twine or steel wire. Backyard sails are simple enough to be installed without the help of professionals. If you’re looking for a more permanent backyard shade solution, we would recommend that you hire professionals to help you install them.

Backyard sails can be installed onto existing structures such as patios and pergolas, or they can be tied to a nearby wall or tree to be used on their own. Their simplicity makes them highly versatile backyard privacy shades.

2-     Sun Shades

Sun shades are made from larger pieces of fabric and are generally used with patio areas. These shades are often made using special fabric that filters UV light and blocks heat. This makes them a great solution for people who want to sit in their backyards without worrying about the sun. Also, since sun shades for patio areas are made from larger pieces of fabric, they offer better privacy as well.

Sun shades are a great backyard shade solution for patio areas and pergolas as well. With the correct sun shade for your patio area, you can create a seating area in your backyard that can be incredibly relaxing.

Sun shades for patio areas can be installed in a number of ways. You can install fixed shades, or you can go for sun shades that can be extended and retracted. The latter sun shades are more functional since you can adjust them to provide optimal shade and privacy for your patio area.

3-     Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are another simple and effective form of backyard privacy shades. This backyard shade solution works best when installed on existing structures. You can have them installed onto your patio area, around a pergola, or even on a wall in your backyard. A cool thing about outdoor curtains is that you can be flexible with their shape and size. Their downside is that since they aren’t as secured in place as other solutions, they don’t do well on windy days.

Things to Consider Before Getting Backyard Privacy Shades

Before you buy backyard privacy shades, you should consider what you’re expecting to get out of them. Knowing your requirements and what works best for you will ensure that you install the right window shades in your backyard.

1-     Privacy:

It goes without saying that you’d want shades that offer decent privacy. The level of privacy your shades provide will depend on their size and the material they are made from. If you want complete privacy, you would want to stick with backyard shade solutions made from opaque fabric.

2-     Light Control:

Backyard privacy shades also control the amount of light flowing into your seating area. You can choose between materials that completely obstruct light and materials that diffuse light as it passes through them. People who are looking for backyard shade solutions that reduce the intensity of sunlight flowing into their seating area should consider getting solar shades.

3-     Weather:

This is an important factor to keep in mind before you install window shades. Strong winds and storms can easily damage your backyard privacy shades if they are not set up correctly. If your area has rough weather, you should get backyard privacy shades that can be retracted (such as motorized sun shades for your patio) in order to protect them from rough weather.

If your region has a lot of harsh sunlight, you should get UV blocking/filtering shades that protect you and your outdoor seating area from intense sunlight.

Remember, before you install window shades, you should consult your window treatment company. They will be able to assist you in picking the best backyard privacy shades for your home.

Should You Install Backyard Privacy Shades on Your Own?

You’ll find a lot of DIY guides on the internet that tell you how to install backyard privacy shades on your own. A DIY backyard shade solution can certainly save you money, but it’s not nearly as effective it should be.

You can try to install window shades on your own, but there’s a lot that you might overlook. When installed incorrectly, backyard shade solutions can be ineffective at blocking sunlight and providing you privacy. They also won’t be able to perform well in rough weather. Simply put, they won’t last for long.

Professionals install window shades using the right equipment and while following a plan of action. They know what’s the best way to install window shades in order to provide you with optimal privacy, light control, and aesthetics. Also, they can make sure that your backyard privacy shades stay in place for a long time.

You can always contact our team of experts to guide you through the process of selecting and installing shades in your backyard. We, at Alluring Windows, can help you pick the best backyard shade solutions.