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Window Treatment Buying Guide: Post COVID

COVID-19 has ravaged countries across the globe ever since it first came out. The virus is still at large, but things are starting to look better. Whether COVID stays or not, we cannot let the virus stop our day-to-day lives. In this buying guide, we’re going to talk about how to shop for window treatment options in a post COVID world. Our guide is going to cover the best ways to shop for window treatments while staying safe. We’ll also go through some important considerations that are needed when picking window treatments. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Post COVID Window Treatment Buying Guide

As things currently stand, the coronavirus is coming and going as the infection rates continue to fluctuate. This uncertainty makes it hard for people to go about their daily lives. The only way to bring normalcy back to our lives is to adapt. Fortunately, a number of window treatment companies in New York, like Alluring Windows, have already taken measures to continue serving their customers. However, prevention from our end is also necessary. Keeping this in mind, first of all, let’s discuss what type of precautions and safety measures are required if you are going to shop for essentials.

Window Treatment Buying Guide: COVID Safety Chart

There are a number of steps to make any outdoor trip safer, so you don’t transmit or catch the coronavirus. Experts on infectious diseases tell that when you come into contact with people, keep your distance and shop efficiently to reduce your exposure. Here are a few of these ways to shop safely during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. Wear a mask: It is recommended that everyone should cover their mouth and nose with a cloth when in a public area where social distancing is not easy to maintain. So, wearing a mask in public places is the new norm and is essential.
  2. Shop smart and early: If you are a senior, go shopping during early senior hours. Be organized with a list of what you want to buy to make your shopping quickest.
  3. Buy disinfectants wipes and sanitizers: Wipe your cart with a disinfectant wipe. Use hand sanitizer as soon as you get back to your car to go home.
  4. Keep your distance: Keep and maintain a 6 feet distance as best as you can while going through the aisles.
  5. Checking out: Use a credit card instead of cash but make sure you disinfect your hands after touching the pin pad.
  6. Unpacking: Experts have different opinions on whether it’s necessary to wipe packages after the store. But whether you do or do not, it’s safer to wipe down surfaces after you unpack.
  7. Order online: The safest way to shop in this post COVID world is to buy things online whenever possible or get the stuff delivered to your home.

Now, after we have gone through the COVID safety chart, let’s see how we can apply these when we have to select and buy some window treatments or coverings for our homes.

Buying Blinds Online

Keeping customers’ safety in mind, most of the window treatment selling companies have adopted new methods. A virtual visit to the store is available online, so you can see all the variety available while sitting in the safety of your home. They also provide a free online consultation to guide you about what type of window treatments will suit your windows the best. So, half of the work is done without any face-to-face interaction and any human touch.

Once you have bought your window treatments, you can discuss COVID safe installation options with your seller. It’s recommended to only shop at places that offer COVID safe window treatments installation.

Window Treatment Buying Guide for Avoiding COVID

Safety of the staff is of utmost importance, as they will eventually be visiting customers’ houses. Many companies are taking special considerations into account to make their procedures COVID safe.

Pretty much everyone has access to proper COVID safety measures guidelines now. All they have to do is refer to the COVID safety chart. As an individual, you can protect yourself and others by avoiding places where COVID safety measures are not being taken seriously.

Covid Safety Measures for Staff

In this section of our window treatment buying guide for COVID, we’re going to discuss a few things that should be done when going physical shopping. If a window treatment store is not taking these precautions, steer clear of it.

  • All the staff at a store are checked for body temperature at the beginning of the day. Anyone with even a slight temperature is asked to stay home and not permitted to work.
  • Every worker is equipped with their own personal protection equipment and will wear it while in the customer’s house.
  • All installers will use new shoe covers and unused white drop cloths and gloves in everyone’s home, so nothing previously used goes to another house.
  • Employees should maintain a social distance wherever possible and fully observe all the COVID safety protocols.
  • All shared devices like laptops, phones, etc., will be cleaned regularly, following the health experts’ guidelines.

Covid Safety Measures at a Store

  • In addition to routine cleaning and disinfecting, an added UV Sterilization lighting is installed in the showroom.
  • UV Sterilization lighting kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. With this addition, it is made sure that all their design catalogs and color samples are safe for everyone.

Covid Safety Measures for Vehicles

Any Window treatment store has a vehicle or two for moving around their team and products. If you order window treatments for installation, make sure that the vehicle that delivers your items is COVID protected. Its occupants should be taking all precautions mentioned in the COVID safety chart. Just to be safe, you should sterilize your window treatments installation team before they enter your home.

Final Thoughts:

COVID has certainly made our lives more challenging. However, we cannot continue to keep everything on hold and wait for this virus to go away. The best we can do is adapt, be responsible, and take care of ourselves. Our window treatment buying guide for avoiding COVID should give you an idea of how to navigate this virus. Make sure that you keep all COVID safety measures in your head and practice them, and make sure that you only visit a window treatment store if it’s following all SOPs.

Your best bet is to simply shop online. We at Alluring Windows have our own website and are more than ready to provide you with a contact-less window treatment shopping experience. We also follow the necessary precautions in our window treatment store to keep you and your family protected from the COVID. So, what are you waiting for? Simply pick up the phone and call us to see how we can help you with your window treatment during the COVID.