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Three Window Treatments Ideas that Every New York Apartments needs!

When you consider window treatments ideas for your New York apartment, do you mentally sort through a decorator checklist? Dark colors vs light, curtains vs drapes, heavy fabrics vs lightweight. When you make the right design choices, the finished look reflects your personal style, but functionality is just as important. It’s essential to choose apartment window treatment ideas that enhance your space with added benefits.

Minimal Noise and Light Pollution

It would be sweet if you could shut out the world when you close your bedroom door. That’s impossible in New York where a 24/7 influx of noise and light follows you home each day. Our bedroom window treatment ideas minimize these intrusions. Custom Blackout Shades shut out bright lights. Acoustic Drapes soundproof your bedroom and keep noise outside where it belongs.


You open your drapes at the first hint of morning light. You close them when the sun rises high. You reopen them when clouds darken your apartment. You close them when glare reflects off a nearby building. It’s difficult to ignore the sun but our window treatment ideas for living room spaces can prevent it from interrupting your day. With our Custom Motorized Drapes and Shades, you point, click, and stay comfortably seated while a quiet motor does the rest.

Protection From the Sun

A sun-filled kitchen is energizing but all that beautiful sunshine causes damage. Ultraviolet rays fade carpets and upholstery. Sun exposure damages your eyes and skin. Our kitchen window treatment ideas give you a beautiful compromise. Solar shades let the sun in to brighten your apartment while providing a barrier against UV rays. The sheer translucent fabric allows you to view the world outside your windows.

Alluring Window has the right treatment options for every room in your New York Apartment.

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