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Be Different with These Unique Window Covering Ideas

Are you looking for unique window covering ideas?  Do you want something different, something a little bit out of the blue, for your home windows? Well, you are at the right place. This article covers a comprehensive guide that will familiarize you with different types of unique window covering ideas.

9 Unique window Covering Ideas:

It is said that your home reflects what kind of a person you are. When there are billions of people with unique intricate personalities, there will be numerous types of designs for houses. Some people prefer a subtle, simple house, some prefer old-style vintage decor, while some people are drawn towards modern styles.

Outside of all these categories lie people who want their houses to look as artistic as possible. From the architecture to the interior décor and to their bed frames, these people will have a theme of keeping everything look as unusual and unconventional as they can. If you are such a person, this article is for you. Even if you are not one of these people, you might be someone who just does not like the notion of sticking to the types of blind and drapery every other person has in their house.

Whether you are the former or the latter, you will benefit massively from this article. In this article, we are going to share 9 amazing unique window treatment ideas that will give a different look and feel to your interior in comparison to traditional window covering styles. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. Rustic Privacy Screen

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to choosing window coverings for your home. That’s why the first unique window covering option on our list is the Rustic Privacy Screen. These screens will make your windows look almost like doors till you open them up. Furthermore, they may make your house look bigger than it is, and they may also add a little mystery to your guests.

While they are open, these screens look elegant and reminiscent of ancient castle windows. They can be easily painted with bold colors, complementing or contrasting the theme of your room. A rustic privacy screen blocks out all light when it’s closed. However, they don’t block any sunlight when they are open.

To address this issue and add a little bit more uniqueness to your window coverings, you can pair them with sheer sheets. Pairing Privacy Screens with Sheer Sheets gives you the option to diffuse the light while your window coverings are open in the daytime. They are an excellent choice as unique window treatments.

2. Designed Frosted Glass

While frosted glass might sound as mainstream as window coverings come, they can be paired with beautiful designs, complementing your furniture and decor perfectly, making them great custom window treatments. With the right designs, frosted glass can make for excellent unique window treatments.

The best thing about frosted glass is it offers excellent privacy. Frosted glass is certainly a unique window covering option as it makes it easier to look outside than it will be to look inside. Most importantly, it comes with engravings that enhance its looks and also give an elegant touch to your interior space. All in all, it’s a perfect choice for homeowners who want something unique for their window coverings but also wish to maintain privacy.

3. Tablecloth Linens

If your home decor revolves around artistic and crafty things like handmade baskets and dried flower arrangements, getting the usual blinds or drapes as a window treatment idea might bring down the theme of the house instead of elevating it. For these types of houses, you can use tablecloth linens in various ways to add to the handicraft and homely feel. You can either tie them up and form a pattern or just simply hang them as small drapery. These would go especially well in the kitchen.

Tablecloth linen as drapery is on the list of modern and unique curtain ideas because of its minimalism. However, you should keep in mind that they would not suit every single window in the house. Maybe, you should keep them restricted to the kitchen and bathroom windows. Moreover, these tablecloths’ utility will be limited to decor and slight diffusion of light. They might not be effective as a window treatment to prevent heat from coming inside. Despite this, they are still a great option for custom and unique window treatments.

4. Faux Stained Glass

Faux stained glass can make a simple room hauntingly beautiful. By adding a pop of colors to the room and creating a mesmerizing shadow across the floor, this unusual and unique window treatment idea can change the look of your entire house from both the inside to the outside.

Faux stained glass will give you a chance to choose from a diverse range of designs and colors which means you get it to match the exact image you have in your head. Being heavily reminiscent of a church interior, this unique window treatment can make your house have a nostalgic feeling. There’s no doubt that stained glass is a unique window treatment idea, perfect for homes with unconventional window shapes.

5. Lace Designs

Next on the list of unusual window treatments is lace panels. They are yet another crafty option and give a safe and homely feeling. You can get them done professionally or even just do it yourself. Furthermore, you can select your favorite lace patterns and apply them to window panes; they will diffuse light perfectly and create intricate shadows, giving the room a soft and delicate look. Perhaps they are best for tea rooms or anywhere guests will be staying for long. They would also suit small houses a lot.

6. Vertical Wooden Blinds

Vertical wooden blinds are a unique idea for custom window treatments. You can inspire other people to get them installed in their homes because they can make your room look elegant and memorable. What’s more, they allow you to control the light coming into your house through your windows.

7. Plant Pots

You read it right; hanging up plant pots counts as a unique window covering idea. Not only will they filter out some light and absorb it, but you can grow some plants or herbs as natural decor. If your house’s interior is filled to the brim with pots, you should not get window coverings that will block out a ton of light; this idea might suit you as it will ensure that your pots get enough sunlight while keeping with the theme of greenery. Using plant pots to cover your windows is certainly a unique window covering idea.

8. Macrame Hanging

This is yet another member on the list of custom window treatments that you can even craft yourself. You can select a rope of any color you want and knot away to create the perfect unusual window covering for your room, or get it done professionally for bigger windows. There are various macrame knotting methods that professionals can get arranged for you. Macrame hangings give your windows a fresh look, and they are a part of the list of modern curtain ideas for homes.

9. Printed Ripple Fold

Ripple fold drapery is a great contender on the list of modern curtain ideas, but you can go an extra step and add a print to the cloth. This makes it a unique window covering idea. Printed Ripple Folds are a type of unusual window covering that looks great in large windows in rooms with high ceilings.

What Are the Best Options for Small Windows?

A macrame hanging look can be a unique yet fun window covering idea for small windows. You can also go for a stained glass look, especially if the window is small and round; it will create a remarkable shadow. A single tablecloth would fit perfectly as well and make the window feel well-loved. You could also go for modern curtain ideas with minimalist prints and motorized controls.

Final Thoughts:

After going through these windows covering ideas, you should have a better idea of how to pick unique window treatments and make them work. We hope this article helps you select a suitable window covering option that is not only unique but also looks exquisite. If you are still struggling to make a decision, you can always get in touch with our window treatment experts for further assistance.