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Window Treatment Ideas to Increase Home Value

When it comes to renovating or changing the interior of your home, window treatments are mostly overlooked. But did you know window treatments can instantly increase your home’s value? You don’t have to spend a lot on improving the look of your home. Changing or adding window treatments can make a home look new while increasing its value. Wondering how? Let’s find out together.

How Can Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and thought to yourself, if I could add this interior style to my home, make a few changes here and there, it can look so much better? You think of all the ideas. Make a few changes in your head, and bam! You have a picture-perfect home.

If you are thinking of moving out or selling your home, the pressure of making it look better is real. Redecorating it would make things easier and add to your home’s value. But all these treatments can be costly. If you are looking to save on costs while also increasing your home value, window treatments are a solution.

Does it sound too good to be true? Wait till you see the ideas we have for you. We will be discussing how to add value to your home by updating window treatments. Here is how a window treatment can increase home value:

  • Window treatments add natural attractiveness to your home
  • They provide energy efficiency
  • Window treatments increase the functionality of your interior spaces

Window Treatments That Can Decrease Your Home Value

Certain treatments don’t add value to your home. Such as, when you first moved in, you purchased plastic window blinds from a local hardware store, thinking to change them later. But you never changed them. They served the purpose of covering your windows but not adding value to them. There are other things to consider as well when it comes to window treatments that can increase home value instead of decreasing it.

  • Window treatments that are damaged or stained
  • They are discolored, not sized, or cut properly
  • Window treatments that don’t go with the interior of your home
  • They are not useful, meaning they do not provide privacy or light control

Window treatments can significantly increase the value of your home as they provide value and functionality. They can make your home look aesthetically appealing. With so many options available, you can easily pick one that fits into the existing décor of your home. There are a lot of window treatment options that will add value to the home, including shutters, blinds, and others. Window treatments are a cost-effective option to increase the value of your home.

Modern Window Treatments to Increase Home Value

Many people don’t recognize the obvious changes that can increase the value of their home, including modern window treatments. Dressing your windows with modern treatments will ensure your interiors look amazing. We have shortlisted our favorite modern window treatments below. So, without further ado, let’s check them out one by one!

1-     Blinds

Are you thinking of selling your home? Blinds can be a good window treatment investment that will increase the value of your home. Blinds are popular modern window treatments as they are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. They filter the light and also provide privacy.

You can go for sheer fabric blinds if you want to create an attractive ambiance for buyers. Sheer fabric blinds will ensure to filter the heat while allowing the light into the room. After all, it is all about how well you present your home. Better lighting will make your home appear elegant. Are blinds really a good modern window treatment investment option? We can say with confidence that they are.

2-     Plantation Shutters

Classic and modern, adding plantation shutters to your windows can significantly add value to your home. They are mostly custom-built for your home and can make it look more appealing. They are more resilient than blinds and other window treatment options. Shutters are not only aesthetically appealing but are also very functional. They provide energy efficiency and are long-lasting. Shutters add value to the home as they are really elegant. They are an ideal modern window treatment option.

Plantation shutters are also sometimes called interior shutters. What makes them a modern window treatment solution? Shutters are available in a variety of material and design options, including wood, faux wood, and vinyl. They will fit perfectly with the décor of your home. Plantation shutters can be a costly option compared to other treatment options, but they are great for adding value to the home. If you are on a budget, you can opt for vinyl instead of wood as it is cheaper.

3-     Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are the top window treatment trend in 2021. They are a perfect solution for modern window treatment. Motorized shades will allow you to set your covering with just a touch of a button. You want to enjoy a bit of sun but don’t want to get out of your bed? With motorized window treatments, you can do that and more within the comfort of your bed. They are a great option for a modern window treatment. Adding them to your home windows will increase its value and give an extra incentive to buyers.

Best Home Improvements to Increase Value

If you are looking for other best improvement ideas that will increase your home value, we’ve got you covered. Below, we have provided you with the best home improvements to increase value:

  • Add a water filtration system
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Update the outlets you have
  • Update your fixtures
  • Renovate your toilet
  • Renovate or replace your bathtub
  • Install a tiled room
  • Replace the front door
  • Remodel your kitchen
  • Update your window treatments

Are you thinking of selling your house? When it comes to remodeling or renovating your house for reselling purposes, don’t overlook window treatments as they can instantly change the appeal of your home while increasing its value.

Final Thoughts:

So, that’s all, guys. We hope this article gives you some great ideas regarding window treatment that not only matches your interior but also increases the value of your precious home. Ready to increase your home value with new window treatments? We at Alluring Windows can help you pick the ideal window treatments to increase the value of your home. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.