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Wireless Sun Sensor for Your Motorized Shades

Home automation is becoming a very popular interior design trend. Home automation solutions have been around for some time now, but they started becoming affordable only a few years ago. The home automation trend can clearly be seen in the window treatment industry as well. Window treatments such as automated shades and smart blinds are becoming more common. Today, we’re going to look at a very interesting and affordable way to automate your window treatments. We’re going to discuss how a wireless sun sensor can automate your motorized shades.

Motorized shades are incredibly convenient. They have a cord-free lift mechanism and can be operated remotely. However, they do not have the capabilities of smart shades that can adjust themselves without any commands from you. This is where a sun sensor for window shades comes in. In this article, we are going to discuss what is a sun sensor and why it’s important for motorized shades. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

What is a Sun Sensor for Window Shades?

As its name suggests, a sun sensor is an electronic device that can detect sunlight. Regular motorized shades are controlled via remote control or app. However, if you install a sun sensor into your window shades, you can transform them into automated shades.

A sun sensor for window shades is designed to detect sunlight and provide your electric window shades with commands. This means that sun sensors can be used to convert any electric window shades into automated smart shades. They can lower and lift themselves depending on the level of sunlight coming through them.

People who already have motorized shades can get a wireless sun sensor in order to turn their existing electric window shades into automated ones. Now that you have some basic knowledge of wireless sun sensors, let’s discuss why they can offer to your motorized shades.

Why Get a Wireless Sun Sensor for Your Motorized Shades?

Motorized window shades are great as they are. They became quite popular a while ago thanks to their convenient functionality. But now, motorized shades are being overshadowed by a new generation of electric window shades: smart window treatments.

Smart blinds and shades are electric window shades that can be programmed and controlled wirelessly. They are the next big thing in the window treatment industry. But does this mean that you should scrap your old electric window shades for automated smart shades? The answer to this depends on what you’re looking for.

People who want all the smart features of smart blinds can consider investing in new treatments. However, if you only want to automate your shades, you can upgrade your window treatments with sun sensor systems made for shades.

Sun sensors can significantly increase the functionality of your automated shades without you having to dish out too much cash. They can increase the lifespan of your motorized shades and also make them much more convenient.

How Do Wireless Sun Sensor Systems for Motorized Shades Work?

Wireless sun sensor systems for motorized shades are designed to work with any kind of electric window treatment. You can install them onto regular blinds to turn them into smart blinds. You can also install them on vertical blinds in order to make them automatic.

Wireless sun sensor systems are discreet, meaning they won’t compromise the look and feel of your motorized shades or blinds. Once they have been installed, they begin controlling the angle and lift of your window treatments. The cool thing about sun sensor systems for window shades is that they operate based on the amount of sunlight coming through your windows.

You can program them to lower your window shades when sunlight becomes too harsh. If you have vertical or horizontal blinds, a sun sensor can convert them into automatic smart blinds that adjust the angle of their slats based on the amount of sunlight coming through them. Wireless sun sensor systems for motorized shades are ideal for houses where sunlight gets too harsh.

How Much Do Automated Shades Cost?

When compared to regular shades, automated shades tend to cost more. However, in the long run, they actually prove to be a great investment. Automated shades actually increase the overall value of your property. And if you already have electric window shades, automated shades will cost you even less.

The price of a sun sensor system is very minute when compared to the price of getting brand new smart blinds. Sunlight detection sensor kits come in many variants, and they’re easy to install. If you have a bit of DIY experience, you can even install them on your own. However, we would recommend that you have them installed by experts if you want a comprehensive solution.

Popular Types of Automated Shades

Sun sensor systems for window shades can be installed on a wide variety of window treatments. However, some window treatment options are more popular than others. Here are 2 of the most trending automated smart window covering options:

1-     Automatic Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular window treatments out there. They have been around since the 70s and are still going strong. Vertical blinds also make great automatic blinds. If you have electric vertical blinds, you can convert them into automatic ones with a sun sensor system.

Automatic vertical blinds can adjust their coverage as the day goes by. This ensures that they keep the harsh sunlight out while also letting natural light come in through your windows. And the best thing about automatic vertical blinds is that you don’t have to interact with them at all.

2-     Automated Roman Shades

Even before the automation trend, roman shades have been in style. They are versatile, dependable, and highly functional window coverings. Automated roman shades can be a great addition to any part of your home. They offer superb light and privacy control and can even insulate your windows.

If you already have motorized roman shades, you can convert them into automated shades with sun sensors. A sun sensor system for window shades can quickly upgrade your existing shades.

Final Thoughts:

Automatic window shades are in fashion, and they are also becoming more accessible. The introduction of wireless sun sensor systems for motorized shades means that a lot of people can automate their window treatments with ease.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your motorized shades with a wireless sun sensor, you should get in touch with some window treatment experts. Here at Alluring Windows, we stand proud as the best window treatment company in Long Island, New York. Our highly experienced crew can help you upgrade your window treatments and get the most out of them. Simply fill in the contact form, and one of our experts will ping you back as soon as possible to discuss the details. Cheers!