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Fire Resistant Drapes NYC

Key Features:

  • Gives you peace of mind in your home or office.
  • We can make fire retardant drapes out of almost all window treatments, even the wooden ones.
  • You can still have chic, fashionable drapes, curtains and shades.

It's not only large businesses such as hotels, hospitals and schools that require fire retardant window treatments. While it's a must for them, having Fire Retardant Drapes gives peace of mind in small offices and private homes, too. The safety of our customers is always an important issue, that's why Alluring Window provides a service to treat any of the window treatments NYC customers buy with an application of fire retardant product. The process meets the necessary codes including NFPA, IBC, NFPA 701 and others, too. Just as important as complying with regulations, though, is the fact that your home or business will be a safer place because the drapes and even window treatments made of wood will be resistant to flame.


The product Alluring Window uses is a spray-on preparation, so it absorbs into fabric in addition to coating the surface, allowing us to make Fire Retardant Drapes out of almost all window treatments. That means you can still have chic, fashionable drapes, curtains and shades to enhance your decor while adding an element of safety to every room. We'll even provide a Certificate of Flame resistance to customers who opt for this safety feature for their custom window coverings.


Get more information on options for Fire Retardant Drapes when you schedule a free consultation with our expert decorators. They can advise you on the application procedure, as well as offer recommendations on fabrics, colors and styles of window treatments. Whether you choose to go with Fire Retardant Drapes or not, you'll still get free whole-home measuring for all your windows and our skilled and speedy installers will hang your window treatments free of charge, as well. Super service and stunning window treatments, too, all at Alluring Window where your safety is as important to us as your satisfaction.