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Have you always thought a quality set of blinds is the perfect touch for any room? Do motorized window treatments make you weak in the knees? Does properly installing shades or shutters give you a sense of accomplishment? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have a passion for window treatments, and we want you to join the team at Alluring Window. We take pride in having skilled, experienced professionals representing us and our unique window coverings. As you know, Alluring Window puts customers first, providing superior service along with quality NYC window treatments. If you have experience in the openings listed below, polish up your resume and send it along with a cover letter to careers@alluring-window.com. We can’t wait to hear about you and why you’re a perfect match for the Alluring Window crew. Click on the job descriptions below to see where your skills and background fit in best, then contact our careers department right away.

Measure and Install

Measuring windows accurately for window treatments isn’t as easy as it might sound. Installing NYC window treatments isn’t exactly a walk in the park, either, unless you have experience putting up shutters, shades, drapes and blinds. If you do have those skills, though, Alluring Window needs you. Our Measure and Install department can always use expert installers, but the technical, hands-on expertise is only part of the job. The Measure and Install team at Alluring Window needs professionals who are as committed to customer service as we are. We’re looking for people who are talented problem-solvers, ones whose nature is to go the extra mile to satisfy customers. Alluring Window Measure and Install specialists have to be well-organized and have an affinity for sizeable projects. If these characteristics describe you, and you’re grace under pressure personified besides, we want you on our crew. Email us at careers@alluring-window.com and let’s talk.

Showroom/Front Desk

The Showroom/Front Desk team at Alluring-Window may be guilty of being a bit “type A,” but it is their proficiency for problem solving and passion for multi-tasking along with a taste for window treatments and interior design that brought them to us in the first place. It’s the ability to balance the high-energy of a NYC window treatment design/retail environment with a calm air and superior people skills that helps make a person an ideal candidate for a career at Alluring Window. It helps to be efficient with a computer, but if your attention to detail borders on obsessive, you love pressure and deadlines and have experience in retail or high-end design, you’re the person we’re looking for. Gather your portfolio and touch up your resume, then send everything to us at careers@alluring-window.com. We’re excited to have you join our team and start on your path to a rewarding career.