French Pleated Drapery

French pleated drapery” sounds beaucoup chic and while French pleats do cause drapes to hang in an elegantly understated way, the true beauty of French pleated drapes is in their simplicity. These curtain drapes are created by tacking the pleats together at the top of the drapery instead of at the bottom of the pleat.

Curtain rings are attached at the top of the pleats and move smoothly over a simple curtain rod — no fancy or intricate drawing techniques necessary.

French pleated drapery is a popular window treatment choice for sheer drapes in Manhattan, but the design works well with almost any fabric. The designers at Alluring Window NYC have found that it’s also a style that works well in combination with other types of window treatments, allowing you to design your own custom look. Pair them with a valance or install French pleated drapes made of damask over light, airy sheer panel curtains for a classy, layered look. Draw them all the way open or use tie-backs to mold your French pleated drapery into a sophisticated swath. With all the options you have, you can change the look of your window drapes as often as you change your mind.

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  • Simply elegant! A classy outlook for its simplicity.
  • The curtain rings are attached at the top of the pleats and move smoothly over a simple curtain rod.

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French pleated drapery just might be that finishing touch you’ve been looking for. Let the designers at Alluring Window show you why we’re the custom drapery company New York turns to for finishing the decor of any room. We offer free in-home consultations and can suggest the looks and fabrics that will best compliment your home’s interior. Browse through our extensive selection of top brand-names or find the drapery of your dreams in our exclusive signature line, available only through Alluring Window NYC. We’d love to custom-make your French pleated drapery to your specifications and will install them free of charge when they’re ready. You’ve never had window drapes so tastefully well-made, and NYC window treatments have never come with such terrific service — you’ll find it all at Alluring Window.
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French pleat drapes can be made manual or motorized operated, the use of loose rings on a custom curtain rod or a basic track make French pleated drapes among the simplest operate. You’ll find they slide open and closed effortlessly.

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Like all drapes we can line them with interliner that will add weight and denstiy to the fabric and will result in a better energy effecint prodcut that will  keep the cold away and reduce the energy consummation at home.

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French pleated drapes can be made from a wide variety of fabrics and at Alluring Window we carry them all from linen to cotton, polyester, wool, silk, faux silk, velvet, and more. Plus, we can leave your French pleated drapes unlined or sew light filtering or blackout lining onto them.

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Alluring Window recommends professional cleaning methods for our custom French pleated drapes. Alluring Window uses preferred professional cleaning methods to clean our Producta. Please contact our Specialists at 212-518-2523 for more information.

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