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Alluring Window is known for unique, quality NYC window treatments because our window coverings live up to the reputation we’ve built, and we stand behind each and every product we sell. Alluring Window warranties all of our window treatments, the particulars of which you can read below.

The Warranty

Alluring Window provides a one-year full warranty on all new products, provided they have been installed according to manufacturer instructions. In addition to Alluring-Window warranty, each manufacture provides its own warranty. Please refer to the following based on the product you have purchased:

Roller shades – product Warranty


MechoSystems Warranty

LUTRON Window Systems Warranty


Alluring Window carries the necessary insurance required for NYC buildings and businesses and will happily provide proper proof of insurance upon request.


All the labor involved in preparing your window treatments, including measurements and production, done by Alluring Window personnel.

Conditions for Motorized Products

Motorized window treatments require specialized electrical wiring. All costs associated with these electrical wiring connections are the customer’s responsibility and should only be done by a licensed electrician. Alluring Window will freely provide the necessary wiring diagrams and work with the customer’s electrical personnel to pre-plan the required work.

Lead Time

The typical lead-time for most products is two to five weeks.

Payment Terms

A 50% deposit is due prior to the start of any job.

Service Under Warranty

In the event that your window treatments require service under Alluring Window’s warranty, please contact our Customer Service Department at 212-518-2523 or 800-506-1017. We will take care of arranging for repair or replacement as soon as possible. Please have all pertinent information ready before contacting Customer Service regarding a warranty issue including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Description of product
  • Date of purchase
  • Date problem occurred
  • Description of problem and conditions under which it occurred

No employee or representative of Alluring Window is authorized to modify or increase the obligations of this warranty. The warranty outlined here replaces any previous warranties and may be changed periodically without prior notice.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call us at 212-518-2523, 800-506-1017 or email us at info@alluring-window.com.