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Roller Shades

Also known as Roller Blinds. We’ve brought roller shades into the 21st Century with choices in fabrics, opacity and lift systems. No longer a cut-rate and substandard choice for a window covering, roller shades are now available in trendy, chic, even elegant styles and fabrics to instantly improve any room’s decor.

When you make the Alluring Window choice for New York roller shades, you’ll get custom shades that perfectly blend with your interior style while offering the privacy, light-blocking and easy-use this type of shade is known for.

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Product features
Design options
Operating options
Energy efficiency
Fabric options
  • Trendy and chic look that can improve any room’s decor.
  • You can choose the opacity (how much light you let in) between black out to 10% opean.
  • You can choose the lifting system.
  • Wide selection of fabrics to choose from.

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Alluring Window roller shades offer a variety of design options including:


  • Alluring Window carry 100s of different fabric options ranges from light Grey to Fusion pink.


  • Choices from black out to very visible fabric. Opacities range from 0%, 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%,…

Top covers:

  •  Fascia- 3”, 4” and 5” Aluminum fascia’s ranging in White, Silver, Black and Bronze.
  • PVC Valance – a 3.5” vertical valance fabricated with the same roller shade fabric.
  •  Contractor box – 3” 4” and 5” Contractor box for recessed celling and hide the shade within the ceiling.
  • Round or square cassette – a fabricated aluminum cassette to house the shade.
  • Wood cornice – 6” or 12” fabricated wood cornice for the finish look and hide the hardware.

Bottom bar:

  • Heat sealed bottom bar- hem the fabric to achieve a seamless look.
  • Straight or round bar fabricated with the same fabric- for a more pronounce design.
  • Sculpted bottom bar – Alluring Window has dozen of designs we can design a bottom bar.

Mechanical features:

  • An easy-link that joins two or more roller shades covering wider spans.
  • Double combo bracket that allows you to hang and control different shades for day and night on the same window.
  • Universal brackets are available with narrow or elongated bases to accommodate installation on practically any size window.
  • Spring Assist to reduce shade weight by 30% on extra wide and heavy shades.

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NYC roller shades you’ll find at Alluring Window operate using:

  • Continues loop chain is one of the most durable and common control systems.
  • Pin-end spring-loaded technology that works using a chain and hooked clutch system. Instead of tugging on the bottom of the shade, you simply pull the chain to roll the shades up or down.
  • The roller can also be enhanced with a spring assist for help with drawing heavier shades up and down.
  • We can make your custom roller shades even easier to operate by motorizing them to work with a remote control, wall switch, smartphone, or tablet.

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There is a lot of science behind Solar shades fabric to allow for energy efficiency:

  • UV blockage
  • Heat gain
  • Ultra ray protection.
  • Each fabric differs in it rate of protection of the above values.
  • If the thermal shield of the standard solar shade fabrics are not enough Alluring Window carry Silver Lined fabrics to cater for extra large and hot spaces.

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  • Alluring Window carries a selection of plain and textured materials in a range of opacity for your custom roller shades.
  • We also offer an extensive choice of colors to match any room’s décor.
  • Solar shades opacity levels range from black out, to 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%.
  • We can even print your favorite family pic, Buss logo and restaurant menu on the shade.

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Alluring Window recommends regular cleaning for your roller shades by dusting or vacuuming using a soft brush attachment. You may clean stained shades by sponging a mild detergent onto the fabric and rinsing thoroughly to remove all traces of the detergent. It is important to NOT entirely immerse the fabric of your roller shades in water, and that you allow them to dry completely before raising them. If you find it necessary to use a commercial spot cleaner, it’s best to test the cleaner on an unnoticeable area first and allow the test spot to dry completely before treating spots in more conspicuous areas.

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