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Alluring Window provide free consultation & whole windows measuring. If a client prefers taking the measurements himself, it is the client full responsibility for the measurements. Any changes after order was placed due to wrong sizes will incur extra charges.

After measurements were taken and client signed his paper work, no changes will be made to the windows’ frames by the client. Any such changes that were made after measurements were taken are the client’s responsibility and will incur additional fees due to changes in window treatments already ordered and manufactured.

It is the client responsibility to review his invoice before signing and submit his deposit.
Please note that in order to achieve blackout with roller shades, shades with blackout fabric require the following parts to be included in your order – Sill angle, Side Channels, Fascia/Pocket, Top/Back Cover. Without the parts mentioned, blackout shades cannot provide a full privacy due to deductions required on both sides of the window.


Alluring Window will provide a 1- year full warranty on its new products, if installed according to manufacturer instructions. Please refer to Manufacturer warranty for product warranty period. Any service call for repairs after the warranty period provided by Alluring Window will be accompanied with $250 fee.


Alluring Window will provide the necessary insurance paperwork upon request.


Alluring Window personnel will perform the installation. In case of motorized job, the cost of all electrical wiring connections is customer’s responsibility, and should be done by licensed electrician that can be hired by the client directly or by Alluring Window. Alluring Window will provide wiring diagrams and plan the work with the electrical personnel.

Old window treatments removal is not under Alluring Window responsibility. Should a client asked for our staff assistance to remove his old window treatments; In the event of any damage to previous window treatments, walls, ceilings or any other damage occurred due to previous window treatments removal, it is the client responsibility.

Alluring Window will dispose the old window treatments in your disposal room; In case a garbage room is not available in the building, it is the client’s responsibility to dispose his old window treatments. Our personnel will not take with them any old window treatments.

Lead Time:

On all products the normal lead-Time is 3-5 weeks from the order day (deposit day). Lead-Time may be varying based upon materials availability and holidays schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: due to Covid-19 changes and factories lower capacity, lead times may vary.

Storage fees:
Alluring Window team will get in touch with the client to schedule an installation once the products are ready for installation.
In case of no communication from the client or the products being stored at our storage for more than 3 months, a storage fee of $75 a month will be added to the client’s invoice.

Sales tax:

Sales tax must be added to all orders in NY, NJ, PA (Please provide Tax Exempt Form if applicable)

Payment / cancellation:

50% deposit is due on signing. 50% Remaining balance is due once installation / delivery is scheduled (BEFORE installation). Please note that without final payment, no installation can be scheduled.

All products are custom made, therefore a cancellation of the order after being submitted will still require a full payment.

Refunds are not available.

The client should provide credit card information to keep on file, regardless of his deposit payment method.

In case a client did not provide a payment after 3 days from the installation day, his credit card will be charged automatically for the balance due.

Cancellation of a scheduled installation appointment:

Cancellation must be made 48 hours prior the installation appointment. Failure to notify us within 48 hours will result in $75 fee for 2-4 hours of installation and $150 fee for installation of 5 hours and up.

* During the installation, it is required that the client will be present to address any problems or dissatisfaction with the product / installation, and sign off the completion of the work. If the client wishes to have someone else be present on that day, he should notify our office at least 48 hours before the installation day as well to agree that this person will be responsible to sign off and
submit payment.

*Any adjustments requested after the completion of the installation and our installer left the premises will result in additional service fees of $175.

* This document contains the entire agreement of the parties. There are no verbal agreements, representations or warranties