Fire Retardant Shades

Just because safety is your priority, that doesn’t mean you have to forego fashionable decor in your home. At Alluring Window, you’ll find an entire line of Fire Retardant Shades that are treated to make them resistant to igniting from heat or flame.

The really terrific thing about these exceptional Fire Retardant Window Treatments is that they look and function just like any of the other elegant window treatments NYC customers expect from Alluring Window. That means you can count on our Fire Retardant blinds and shades to block out glare and harmful UV light, as well as to increase your home’s energy efficiency by blocking out heat during the summer and cold in wintertime.
Alluring Window enjoys offering customers a wide variety of choices, so we’ve made certain the lines of Fire Retardant Shades we carry come in an abundance of colors and textures to enhance any room’s decor. The fabric choices also provide varying levels of light filtering and transparency options, including blackout shades. We know ease of operation is just as important as the aesthetic features of the shades you get from us, so we know you’ll be pleased with the bead chain system that allows for effortless shade lowering or raising, but our Fire Retardant Shades can be motorized, too, making operation even more effortless.
If you find it hard to believe how fabulous our Fire Retardant Shades are, take advantage of a free consultation with an Alluring Window designer. Our expert design team will help you select the ideal fire retardant fabrics in colors that will blend perfectly with your decor. They’ll even measure all of your windows free of charge, too, so you know your shades will have a flawless fit. Additionally, because we know you want your fire retardant window treatments up as soon as possible, we’ll even have our professional crew install them free of charge. For window treatments that are as chic and functional as they are safe, come to Alluring Window.

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Product features
Design options
Operating options
Energy efficiency
Fabric options
  • Gives you peace of mind in your home or office.
  • We can make Fire Retardant Shades out of almost all window treatments.
  • Variety of fabric choices, levels of light filtering and transparency options, including blackout shades.

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