Luminette Blinds

Stumped in choosing between vertical blinds and sheer curtains? Hunter Douglas Luminette blinds are the answer.

If you’ve always liked the thought of vertical blinds but haven’t given them a try because you’re attached to drapery-style window treatments, Hunter Douglas Luminette blinds are the answer. They’re the custom vertical blinds wrapped with sheer fabric to give the ultimate look Manhattan clients find usable, versatile, and incredibly beautiful.

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Luminette blinds celebrate the union of delicate, translucent sheer curtain panels with elegant, lightweight vanes of fabric. When the two are combined, you get lovely light-diffusing effects along with privacy and light-blocking control. Drawing the sheer panel across your window while opening the blinds lets the light in while diffusing it and giving you some visibility, too. Or, draw the blinds closed to dim the room and provide privacy from the world outside.

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We have the perfect sheer panels and vane colors to complement your decor, but don’t worry if you find it hard to choose. Our professional designers always provide free in-home consultations, so you can get an expert’s advice and have your windows measured properly to ensure a custom fit.

A light tug on the fixed cord is all it takes to operate Luminette blinds. The fixed cord lifts are much safer than the loose, dangling cords of older-style blinds when children and pets are a concern. However, Alluring Window can customize your Hunger Douglas Luminette blinds with motorized options for convenience and extra-easy operation using a remote control or light switch.

Alluring Window offers a choice of two levels of opacity for your Luminette blinds. Opt for translucent when softening harsh sunlight and optimizing its illumination is the priority. Translucent Luminette blinds also provide daytime privacy and are ideal for rooms like the kitchen and family room. Alternatively, we offer blackout fabrics for maximizing day and night privacy as well as providing complete light control and room-darkening. This option is the ultimate for rooms that require complete light management.

Alluring window recommends cleaning your Luminette blinds with regular dusting or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment. If your blinds become stained, sponge them off with a mild detergent, thoroughly rinsing them and allowing the blinds to air-dry completely before raising them. NEVER entirely immerse Luminette blinds. Commercial spot cleaners may be used, but we advise you test them first in a hidden area and allow them to dry before using commercial cleaners in a more conspicuous spot.