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Custom MechoSystems Shades NYC

Key Features:

  • MechoSystems has been the industry's leaders for over 50 years.
  • Has unique sensors and automated responsive system that positions the shades based on the angle of the sun, you can take advantage of natural light.
  • Maximize solar protection but still allow visibility.

When circumstances call for an alternative to run-of-the-mill Venetian and vertical blinds, Alluring-Window NYC has the answer with MechoSystems shades. For over 50 years, MechoSystems has been the industry's leader in window coverings that are more than a step above the rest, plus they were the first to incorporate automation and motorization with window shades to revolutionize the shade business. Taking inspiration from existing automated and timer-controlled systems, MechoSystems expanded the technology to develop a system that reads solar rays and BTU loads. The sensors factor that information into an automated responsive system that takes advantage of natural light. It positions the shades based on the angle of the sun or raises them entirely when there's cloud cover to allow brightness control as well as protection from solar glare.

When it comes to the solar glare issue, MechoSystems led the charge again with the revolutionary idea to weave material into the shade fabric that would maximize solar protection but still allow visibility. MechoSystems' patented Solar Protection With a View is one of the top reasons we carry this line of high-quality window shades at Alluring Window. The versatility and operation options are another reason. Whether you choose to go with MechoSystems' visually transparent shades or ones that are designed for privacy and room darkening, you can also choose between manual and motorized operation.

Every room has different window covering needs, and the expert designers at Alluring Window can help you decide which MechoSystems shades will work best. During your free IN-HOME consultation, our designers can professionally measure the windows to ensure a perfect fit, whether you opt for manual or motorized shades. We even have a skilled team to install your MechoSystems shades, also free of charge. Alluring Window NYC is the Manhattan window treatments specialist that offers unique solutions and innovative brands that bring style and function together.    

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