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Motorized Skylight Shades

Key Features:

  • Alluring Window can create custom shades for many skylight's angles, sizes and shapes that fit perfectly.
  • Motorized skylight shades can be controlled remotely from ground-level, making it simple to control you skylight shades.

You love the airy, open feeling a skylight provides, as well as the additional natural light it lets in--except when the sunlight gets too bright and turns your comfortable room into a hothouse. Covering a skylight is the obvious solution to control light and heat, though it's not as simple as it sounds. The angle, size and even shape of many skylights make them difficult to fit with off-the-rack shades and, being located on the ceiling, basic, manually-operated shades are difficult to reach.


Alluring Window has the ultimate answer with motorized skylight shades. Because we're experts in custom window treatments, Alluring Window can create shades for skylights that fit perfectly. Plus, these made-to-order window coverings are also automated skylight shades that can be controlled remotely for convenient operation from ground-level. Our design team will professionally measure your skylight for a custom fit, and our skilled installers will mount it when it's ready, so you'll experience only the things you love about your skylight.


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