Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are a window treatment choice that will never go out of style. The fixed, uniform pleats sewn evenly along the top of the drapery distributes the fullness of the fabric, giving the drapes a clean, sharp look. It’s one of the reasons that pinch pleat curtains are one of the most popular style choices for custom window treatments in New York, as well as one of the most requested styles at Alluring Window NYC.

We’ve found that pleated drapes effectively accent almost any decorating style, all it takes is some expertise from our experienced designers to help select the right fabric.

For homes and offices in Manhattan, pinch pleated draperies can be a “green” choice as well as a decorative statement. By design, pinch pleat curtains offer enhanced insulation around windows, saving money and electricity. The extra space created by the pleats when the curtains are drawn also provide a buffer space between the window and your living area, keeping cold air out in the winter and the heat out during the summer. Choose curtains with a lining and you’ll get enhanced insulating benefits. Another nice plus is how easy they are to operate. Typically you use a simple cord or baton to draw them open and closed, but they can be motorized, as well.

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Product features
Design options
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  • Give a clean, sharp look that effectively accents almost any decorating style.
  • Keeps up with weather changes. Provides effective insulation during winter, which allows you to enjoy a warmer home and prevents the hot summer air from entering.
  • Easy to operate, both manually and motorized.

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If you’ve always been “drawn” to pinch pleat curtains, come see the New York window treatments specialists at Alluring Window. Our designers will come to your home for a free consultation, and bring along a surplus of swatches for your perusal. They’ll help you select just the right styles and designs for your decor and our installation team will quickly and expertly install your new window treatments, also at no charge. With top drapery brands to choose from, including our own exclusive line, and incomparable customer service, Alluring Window NYC is the only place to shop window treatments in Manhattan.
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