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Custom Skylight Shades NYC

Key Features:

  • Alluring Window can create custom shades for many skylight's angles, sizes and shapes that fit perfectly.
  • Our skylight shades allows diffusing or blocking light.
  • Our skylight shades have insulating effects, blocking out the heat or the cold when you want to.

Skylights add dimension to your room, inviting in natural light and giving you a view of the sky from within. As with any window, however, there are always times when it would be nice to diffuse or block that light. The solution is skylight shades from Alluring Window. It's not only light that can be a problem with skylights. They're often a source of heat loss and can even be the way excessive heat finds its way into your home, but our NYC sun shades custom made exclusively for skylights also have insulating effects, blocking out the heat or the cold when you want to.

You're probably wondering how Alluring Window has come up with skylight shades that can block or diffuse light and help keep the weather out. It's an ingenious track that allows us to install our custom shades from any angle. Horizontally and directly overhead or at varying angles on sloped roofs, Alluring Window is the New York window treatments company that can do amazing things with your skylight. We carry all of the best-known name brands of custom window treatments, but you can also choose your skylight shades from our exclusive signature line. No matter what you want your skylight shades to do, from UV blocking to light diffusing, we can do it all, and can even create blackout shades for your skylight.

Finding the Right Skylight Shades in Manhattan

If you're not quite sure how to go about measuring your skylight for shades, let one of our expert designers visit you for a free in-home consultation. We can not only get precise measurements for a perfect fit, but we can also help you choose the right fabric and colors for your decor. We don't expect you to put up your own skylight shades, either. Let our skilled team install them for you, also free of charge. Don't consider removing your skylight because of lighting and insulation issues. Alluring Window NYC is the Manhattan window treatments specialist with the answer to all your window covering problems.