Solar Shades

Differing levels of opacity are what make solar shadesbrilliant options for sun shades for New York homes. They may look like traditional shades, but these nifty versions of a basic window covering have anti-glare and semi-translucent properties.

These features give solar shades the ability to diffuse bright sunlight and it’s damaging UV rays while still providing a clear view outside. The ray-blocking power goes a long way toward protecting your upholstery and wooden surfaces and yet, amazingly, you can still see through your windows. What’s really genius about these shades, though, is that they come in a variety of solid colors and even prints, to give you more choices to compliment your decor.

It’s more than a convenience when you don’t have to choose between light blocking and visibility. Then again, Alluring Window is the Manhattan solar shade company that has always provided creative solutions for window treatment dilemmas such as those. Take your pick from a selection of high-quality brands such as Hunter Douglas and Levelor, or browse Alluring Window’s exclusive signature line of solar shades and allow us to custom make them to perfectly fit your windows, even ones with irregular measurements. We can customize how your solar shades function, too, turning your manually operated shades into motorized or remote control shades. This is a terrific option for tall windows or ones that are located behind furniture and otherwise tough to reach places.

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  • Has anti-glare and semi-translucent properties.
  • Diffuse bright sunlight and it’s damaging UV rays while still providing a clear view outside.
  • Variety of solid colors and prints in differing levels of opacity.

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We’re happy to offer advice when you need it. Contact one of our expert designers for a free in-home consultation to find out more about how versatile and functional our solar shades are. We go out of our way to make sure our service matches the quality window shades we sell, so after you’ve found your perfect window shades match, we’ll be back with our team of professional installers to get your solar shades up and working in no time, also at no charge. When you’re looking for solar shades in New York, Alluring Window is the custom NYC solar shades source you can count on for high-quality window coverings and marvelous customer service.
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