SOMFY Motorized Shades

With the convenience and ease motorized window coverings provide, they’re becoming more common every day. In the workplace as well as at home, people love not having to struggle with cords and unbalanced rollers to manage their shades and blinds.

When you opt for SOMFY motorized shades, you get top-of-the-line technology to enhance the way you control natural light and temperatures in your home. Plus, when you pair Somfy’s state-of-the-art devices with custom window coverings from Alluring Window, you’ll get beautiful and tasteful SOMFY motorized shades and SOMFY motorized blinds that add to any room’s decor.

SOMFY has been in the mechanical tooling and technology business for over two centuries and was among the first to manufacture motorized solutions for awnings, shutters, and interior window treatments. Their motors are whisper-quiet and low profile, meaning they’re practically silent and won’t affect the aesthetics of the gorgeous shades and blinds you get from Alluring Window. SOMFY motorized roller shades and blinds can be equipped with sensors to open and close based on the temperature and amount of sunlight in a room, making your window coverings efficient as well as attractive. What’s more, you can choose from among several remotes to control your Somfy motorized blinds and shades, or add the MyLinkTM device so you can manage them from your smartphone or tablet.

Add convenience and ease to your home. Partner with Alluring Window to create SOMFY motorized shades for every room in your house. Our professional designers are available free of charge to consult with you on fabrics and styles, and they’ll even measure your windows for a perfect, accurate fit. Then, once your Somfy motorized blinds or shades are ready, our expert crew will install them free of charge so you can start enjoying your beautiful custom window coverings right away. Stunning shades, blinds, and draperies with the benefits of cutting-edge technology–you’ll get the best of both worlds at Alluring Window.

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Product features
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  • Convenient and simple option to control your shades and blinds.
  • With SOMFY motors you get top of the line technology and silent motors.
  • You can add the MyLinkTM device so you can manage your shades and blinds from your Smartphone or tablet.

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