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How to choose your draperies fabric ?

Draperies Fabric Choices

Velvet, linen, silk, satin, damask, rayon…with the endless selection of draperies fabrics available, it’s difficult to choose one fabric to adorn the windows of your home. Fortunately, there are some guidelines to steer you in the right direction to help choose the right draping fabric for you.

Even if you like to redecorate frequently, you’ll still want to select durable draping fabric that can stand up to damaging sunlight, one with a high thread count. Also, heavier fabrics are best for drafty rooms or homes in cooler climates. Typically fabric made for window coverings is sturdy by design, but keep in mind that bright colors are prone to fading faster than pastels or neutrals, regardless of fabric quality.

Curtain Fabrics

Curtain fabrics come in different widths, and the one you choose will depend on the size of the windows you’re covering. The professional designers at Alluring Window can help you with that choice, and will take precise measurements to ensure your window treatments look fabulous no matter what type of draping fabric you choose.