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Custom Window Treatments New York City

If you are located in Manhattan looking for custom window treatments, New York is home to Alluring Windows, a company that provides you with window treatments that will leave your home and office windows looking clean and beautiful. We also serve customers outside of Manhattan, branching out into the five other boroughs in New York.

We offer a variety of services that are sure to keep your home, office, or other space put together and comfortable. We take care everything from shades to blinds to custom curtains and drapes.

Are you interested? Alluring windows offers a free in-home consultation with our professionals. Together we can come up with ideas and a vision for your space. Any New Yorker can tell you that when it comes to custom window treatments in New York, your service is going to pricey, just like everything else! We offer free installation of selected treatments. Our approach is collaborative, as we do not want to take money from our customers unless they are satisfied and feel the project meets their ideal.

Custom Window Treatments in New York City – To Fit Your Personal Needs

We help you find window treatments that fit your needs. Perhaps you value window treatments that are low maintenance, easy to clean, and adaptable to different light. Maybe you are a parent who is looking for blinds that are safe for children. If durability and aesthetics is important to you, we have treatments that are made from strong vinyl and stylish fabric. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find what will brighten up your space.

Too many people in New York try to decorate their own spaces, resulting in a less than chic workspace or home. When it comes to custom window treatments, New York is home to the best – Alluring Window. Make it easy on yourself, and enlist our help. We are a full service operation and aim to please our customers.