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Motorized Drapes NYC

If you are in the process of decorating your office or home and are considering motorized drapes, NYC is home to Alluring Window – a company that has offered motorized drapes and other window treatments for the past 12 years! In that time, we have cultivated the eye of what is stylish, chic, functional, and beautiful. We can help get your space get put together in no time.

Motorized drapes are becoming more and more popular in homes and office spaces. Drapes serve a number of purposes, including controlling the amount of sunlight that comes into your apartment, as well as protecting your privacy. Now, drapes are convenient as well! With motorized drapes, you can control your drapes with the simple click on a remote control. Opened, closed, lowered, or raised, you can control your motorized drapes while you relax on the couch and let the sunshine into your fabulous apartment. Our goal is to provide motorized drapes that are user-friendly and intuitive. In addition to mere convenience, motorized drapes are the perfect solution for hard to reach areas in your space.

Custom Motorized Drapes in NYC for your Office or Home

As a full service company, we provide installation and maintenance to customers who live in Manhattan and surrounding areas. Finding quality motorized drapes in NYC that are sold by a company who will oversee installation and maintenance can be difficult. Our experts walk you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect drapes to configuration assistance to installation support.

If you want to shop from a wide variety of motorized drapes, NYC is home to Alluring Window — which offers the most variety of styles out there! We have metal, faux wood horizontal blindes. We also have sheers and woven wood vertical blindes as well. Alluring Window wants to help you create that perfect space for office and home!