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Motorized Roller Shades vs Motorized Roman Shade

Deciding between two different types of motorized shades like roller shades and roman shades for your apartment is a tough job. If I were to differentiate between the two, I would say motorized roller shades are better for tenants, while motorized Roman shades are more equipped for luxury and stylish homes. Now, I’m not sure which one fits your style, so I’ll leave that decision up to you. However, to help you with that, this article talks about the benefits of Motorized Roman Shades vs Motorized Roller Shades.

Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized Rollers are sunlight-based shades that help save electricity costs. Plus, they are the first-hand choice for many tenants because they provide adaptability. Like other shades, they also reduce the harsh daylight, hurtful UV beams, and glares that gets through your windows. Here are a few benefits apart from the usual, that these bad boys provide for your building:

Control the Sunlight

These motorized sun-oriented roller shades provide a distinctive receptiveness that helps you control the amount of sunlight you want. Plus, they look really cool. Sure, you can’t physically control the natural light of the Sun, but you can choose how much you want in your home.

Keep the Temperature Cool/Warm

These motorized roller shades help your space stay cool in summers and warm in winters by controlling the amount of heat that enters your building.

Enhanced Accessibility

You can set your roller shades to access any amount of sunlight you want; – 1% to 5% and 6% to 14%. If you need less natural light, then I would recommend setting it to 1% to 5%. Similarly, if you want a bit more than the bare minimum, you can choose between 6% to 14%.

Effective Security

When shut, motorized Roller shades offer total privacy. Unlike other shades, where you can see an outline inside your home. Motorized roller shades are a confident decision with regard to accommodation and security.

Effective for Hard-to-Reach Windows

They’re the ideal alternative for huge and hard to reach windows. You can simply operate them using a remote control from anyplace in you your room.

Programmable Shades

You can program your shades to rise and fall at specific points during the day. In fact, you can even synchronize them with the cycle of the Sun. You can close/open these shades manually through a rope, with remote control, or an app on your phone. However, not having to manually close/open your shades does have its charm.

Motorized Roman Shades

Searching for a top-notch window treatment that will change the ambiance of your space? Well, you should try introducing the motorized roman shades for your apartment. Aside from the stylish intrigue, these shades can give you different advantages like tight security, effective light control, and UV insurance. Some of their benefits include:

Variety of Choice

With motorized roman shades, you get a variety of hues, surfaces, and plan choices for your house. If you want to add a little nourishment to your style, you can add a layer of draperies with roman shades. This will give your home a unique edge like light shifting, and room obscuring. If you like the fresh air, you can opt for that option and, at the same time, reduce the heat that comes with.


Similar to the roller shades, you can also program these shades to fit your lifestyle. If that noisy alarm isn’t enough to wake you up, you can program the curtains to open at that time so the light can help you get up. You can even synchronize your roman shades according to the Sun and the Moon cycles.


There have been various instances where children playing with the curtain chord got themselves injured or, even, killed. Motorized Roman Shades are basically chord-free, so you don’t have to worry about your children getting hurt. Besides children, curtain chords provide a lack of accessibility to the disabled community as well.

Diverse Remote Choice

Roman Shades offer diverse choices in terms of remote control. These include single-channel remotes, five-channel remotes, and sixteen channel remotes. Not to mention, you can also control these shades through your phone as well. This is especially helpful for those pesky hard to reach or even tall windows. Handling more than one remote control can be a rather tedious task. So for those of you who prefer to keep this simple, you can also raise or lower your motorized shades using a single remote control.

Battery Options

As for the batteries, you have a lot of options in that as well. You can choose between, Reloadable 8 AA Lithium Batteries, a DC Transformer Single Motor, Reloadable 16 AA Lithium Batteries, a Solar Power Kit, and so forth.

Adding Beauty to your Home

Motorized Roman Shades or Roman Shades, in general, can add beauty to your home. The remarkable and astounding look can turn a normal window or a door to a luxury and stylish one. You can use roman shades to add a sense of beauty to your French entryways as well. They come in two different styles: Classic and Flat Roman Shades. Ask any interior designer, and they’ll tell you exactly how window shades can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary.


Here you go, guys. This article has all the benefits and features of Motorized Roller Shades vs Motorized Roman Shades. I hope this helps you make your decision about which one is the best choice for you. Motorized Roller Shades provide more practical experience, such as increased security, privacy settings, and sunlight control. On the other hand, Motorized Roman Shades are an ideal fit for individuals who want ambiance along with practicality. Although Roman Shades give the exact features of sunlight control and security, it comes with the added feature of beauty and style. The final choice will depend on your requirements, budget, and basic needs. However, make sure to review the benefits of these two choices to select the right one.