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What to Look for in Sheer Shades?

Investing in window treatments can be fun and confusing at the same time. There are loads of designs and material choices available for you. One of the most popular window treatments that you can get nowadays in the New York region is sheer shades. Sheer shades are in fashion because they look great, and they create an amazing ambiance in any room. These shades come in a variety of styles and sizes, meaning that they can be installed onto most windows. If you’re shopping for this kind of window covering for the first time, it’s recommended that you learn as much about them as possible before you make your decision. Therefore, today, we are going to share some of the key points that you need to consider before getting Sheer Shades. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

What are Sheer Shades?

Sheer shades are a kind of window covering that has blinds encased in sheer fabric. They are popular because they have the functionality of blinds and drapes. The sheer fabric helps diffuse the light that enters through your windows. This creates a soft, natural light effect that really makes your interior look fantastic. The blinds can be opened or closed to control the amount of light entering your room. Sheer shades make for great vertical and horizontal shades.

Since these shades come in so many styles and variations, it can be hard to figure out what to go for. Fortunately, you can make the selection process easier for yourself by keeping a few key factors in mind.

What to Consider when Buying Sheer Shades

Any window covering worth its salt should be able to provide you with a balance between looks and practicality. This is what you should expect from sheer shades as well. By keeping the following factors in mind, you will be able to find the best sheer shades for yourself.

Light Levels:

Sheer shades are designed to diffuse light as it enters your room. Their sheer fabric is responsible for the diffusion, and the blinds are responsible for adjusting the amount of light passing through. The exact amount of light and level of diffusion depends on the types of materials used to make the sheer shades. You can play around with the materials and designs in order to get different outcomes. For instance, using darker colored or dual fabric and wider vanes will make room darkening sheer shades that can be ideal for bedrooms, theaters, and nurseries.

Lift Mechanism:

Just like many other window coverings, sheer shades have a built-in system that lets you raise and lower them down. The type of mechanism in your shades will play a major role in determining your overall experience with your shades. A great thing about window treatments nowadays is that we have a variety of lift mechanism options available. You can find options with simple cord systems and advanced motorized controls as well.

Motorized lift mechanisms have been gaining popularity since they make controlling your window coverings so much easier. Most importantly, most motorized sheer shades also include smart variants that you can control through your smartphone.

The type of lift mechanism that will suit you shall depend on the location of your windows, your budget, and your personal preference.

Vanes and Fabric:

The kind of vanes and fabric fitted in your shades play a significant role in determining their looks and functionality. Vanes are available in various sizes; the wider they get, the smaller number of vanes you have to fit into your shades. Wider vanes are useful for when you want a more open view through your blinds. The more open view looks great on larger windows, but it also compromises your privacy. Thinner vanes will help you maintain your privacy better, but they will obstruct your view as well.

Apart from their width, your vanes’ orientation also plays a vital role. Sheer vertical shades look amazing on taller windows and sliding glass doors. As their name suggests, their vanes are laid out in a vertical fashion. Meanwhile, sheer horizontal shades have a more traditional look with horizontally laid out vanes. These look pretty good on short and wide windows.

The color, thickness, and pattern of your sheer fabric are worth considering as well. Since this fabric is responsible for diffusing light as it passes through it, you can use the fabric’s color, thickness, and patterns to change the hue and intensity of light passing through it. For instance, dual patterned fabric can play around with light as it passed through your shades and make your interior look more interesting.

Design Choices:

Sheer shades are incredibly versatile window coverings. There are a lot of elements that can be tweaked in order to change their overall look and feel. What this means is that you have several design options available at your disposal.

Sheer shades can be hung on their own or coupled with drapes. You can try going for a modern look with flat sheer shade designs or simply stick with a more classic look. Flat sheer shades are a great option for people who value privacy. You can also set up sheer shades to look like vertical or horizontal shades. Dual sheer shades have been pretty popular as well lately because of their contemporary look. You can select any particular design depending on your budget and personal preference.


Sheer Shades are versatile, functional, and look amazing. What’s more, they can be customized in so many different ways. Whether it’s for your home or for office space, these window coverings are a pretty solid choice. You can customize sheer shades to suit your exact needs as well. Whether you need flat sheer shades, horizontal ones, or dual patterned ones, we can help you install them.

Alluring Windows has a wide range of window treatment options available for you. We can help you design and install sheer shades that will elevate your interior design and increase the functionality of your windows. Get in touch with us today to find out more or simply book a free appointment for consultation. Cheers!